Disney Has Left WDW in the Dust

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Mickey at Both Castles

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The Walt Disney Company is preparing to celebrate its 100 years of Wonder, a milestone celebration that pays tribute to the company’s long career. Naturally, the Disney Parks are also participating in this event by including special events, parades, fireworks displays, and all manner of other celebratory functions happening throughout all pieces of Disney property. However, news feeds have been piled with tweet after tweet and post after post regarding the celebration at Disneyland, while Walt Disney World seems to get the table scraps.

Mickey Mouse at the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort for the Disney100 celebrations
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Walt Disney World has truly been the subject of some bad press lately. With the enormous debacle surrounding Splash Mountain’s closure, repeated instances of unruly guest behavior, and deterioration of beloved park attractions, it seems like the last place a Disney fan would want to spend their 100 Years of Wonder celebration.

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That’s not to say Walt Disney World isn’t getting any perks, they have had a new firework show introduced, some specialty food items, and merchandise, but it’s not nearly to the extent of Disneyland’s events. Granted, Disneyland was the theme park Walt Disney himself built. It is the most historic Disney Park, and the birthplace of so many marvelous memories. However, could it be that Disney is showing a bit of favoritism at this point?

disney 100 anniversary with Mickey Mouse
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Consider the fact that Disneyland is getting all these new additions while Walt Disney World is crumbling. Journey into Imagination with Figment, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and others are showing severe wear and tear and little to nothing is being done about them. Meanwhile in California, Disneyland is being celebrated with new monorail paint jobs, special decor, and even a miniature Mickey Mouse museum for the new Runaway Railway. With so much Disney being celebrated, it seems grossly unfair that the largest Park they own should be treated so poorly. It’s enough to have some fans wondering what on earth is going on up at Disney HQ.

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Comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s been a constant state of mind of many Disney fans for as long as both parks have existed. However, it seems like bad business not to give the same amount of attention to a bigger park with bigger crowds, bigger attractions, and an arguably bigger fan base. If Disney truly wants to celebrate their 100 years in existence with passion and flair that would make Walt proud, they shouldn’t limit it to just one flavor of clientele.

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