Runaway Railway Easter Eggs You Might Miss

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concept art for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway at Disneyland Resort's Toontown

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disneyland’s variant of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is set to open to the public January 27, 2023, and already fans are being tempted and teased with images of the ride’s new queue. Not only does the queue perfectly set the audience up for entering the animated world of Mickey and his friends, but is absolutely loaded to the brim with references, easter eggs, and other hefty helpings of fan service. However, some novice Disney Park Guests might completely miss some familiar features on their first trip through.

Concept art from the queue of the all-new Disney attraction, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway opening at Disneyland Park on January 27
Credit: Disney

The ride isn’t even officially open yet, and Disney is already teasing and enticing its Park Guests with something special. Not only is this mini Mickey Museum loaded with references to his finest cinematic contributions, but there are also more than a few obscure and fringe references to satisfy those die-hard Disney historians out there with a love for some of the Mouse’s other masterpieces. From fully-created props and set pieces to mock posters of Mickey and company celebrating and parodying some of Disney’s best live-action films, this place is starting to put the Hollywood Studios version to shame.

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Dozens of fans of taking to social media with some of these images, and they are posting tweet after tweet pointing out all the various odds and ends of Mickey’s career. Needless to say, Disney has truly gone the extra mile in cramming this attraction full of detail and appreciation for the mouse that started it all.

In @ScottGustin’s tweet alone, most Disney fans will instantly recognize the references to Fun and Fancy Free, Steamboat Willie, and Fantasia, but what some might be completely overlooking the scissors from The Brave Little Tailor,  the hotdog from Paul Rudish’s “New York Weenie” episode of Mickey Mouse, and the plane from Plane Crazy. Of course, this is only a few references seen in only eight images. Once the actual attraction fully opens to Disney fans everywhere, dozens and dozens of winks, nods, and other animated easter eggs will be flooding the news feeds as Mickey continues to get all the love and adoration he’s acquired over his long career.

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Both the ride and the queue are a Mickey fan’s dream come true. While the original in Hollywood Studios has essentially the same ride, this is far more of a cinematic experience. Hopefully, Walt Disney World can learn a thing or two from its cousin out in California.

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