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The Disney Parks might be primarily aimed at families and children wanting to take a vacation they’ll never forget, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t advantages to flying solo. Traveling with friends and family is a great way to spend time together, but Guests arguably experience more in the Parks when they go alone.

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A party of one is still a party, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a slice of Disney all to yourself. Speaking from experience, a single-rider can typically do much more in one day than many families can in an entire Disney trip. That all being said, some solo visitors are finding themselves growing quite lonely, and beginning to regret their choice to go at it all alone.

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A recent Reddit post from u/EldritchTravels describes how, while an excellent way to get the most out of your Disney trip, going in alone can come with a bitter aftertaste. Essentially, the user asks how frequent single visitors cope with the loneliness that comes with not being able to share the experience with other Guests.

The user writes,

“Yeah, I’m completely happy to go around myself but it’s almost like I wish my people would be in the parks that I could grab a bite with when we want, head back to the hotel at night and share in our adventures…”


“Telling someone you did a thing isn’t the same as that person experiencing the magic…. because you can’t explain Disney magic. It’s not a thing you can share with words, you know?”

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Although a large consensus of fans states that visiting the Parks alone can sometimes be the best way to experience them, more than a few agree with the sentiment that sharing the experience with friends only adds to the magic. Walt Disney World is a big place, and sometimes it’s not hard to feel like a bug on a leaf. However, many fans are sharing how they find camaraderie during their visits.

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u/Complex_Mushroom452 writes,

“As a Passholder, I get this feeling every once & awhile. Kind of like – wow, why is everyone here with someone except me?! But. Honestly, there are more people traveling solo than you would think. So, I try to find some comfort in that thought! I’ll also talk to families or other people in lines, ask to sit with someone who is alone if all the tables are full while I’m eating at a quick service, and chat with CMs throughout the day…”

Additionally, u/Jskrande offers up some reassurance by saying,

“You get an occasional wave of loneliness, but there’s so much going on that it usually passes and you go back to enjoying the heck out of the day…”

It’s not uncommon to see some Guests visiting Walt Disney World alone, but to say they find themselves lonely is a bit of an outlier. And a place that caters to thousands of people each day, it’s kind of hard to find a little time all by your lonesome. That being said, some magic is made all the more better when its able to be shared with others. Either way, Park goers are still promised a great time.

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