DC May Have Accidentally Revealed Three Batman Actors In New Movie

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Michael Keaton as Batman

Credit: DC/Warner Bros. Discovery

Andy Muschetti’s The Flash (2023) promises many crazy moments to happen as “worlds collide,” with one frame potentially spoiling a major cameo.

Ben Affleck's Batman on the street chasing someone
Credit: DC/Warner Bros. Discovery

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Fans might remember that James Gunn has already confirmed that The Flash is instrumental in DCU’s reboot as the universe will be forever changed after the movie and help explain why fans will be getting a new version of Superman and Batman alongside other new actors taking over iconic roles in the DCU.

Sadly, some actors like Henry Cavill won’t be returning, and it’s unclear how the DCU will exactly replace actors going forward, but fans will learn more in the next few years. Thankfully, The Flash has revealed a lot of new details.

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/Flash
Credit: DC / Warner Bros. Discovery

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It’s very clear from the trailer that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/Flash will be teaming up with more than one Batman. Michael Keaton’s Batman will of course reprise his iconic role, but Ben Affleck will also have a role in the movie as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

In case you didn’t see the new trailer, here is the first look at the DC Universe before everything is changed:

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One thing to notice is that Affleck’s Batman is seen on the streets and on the Bat Cycle, but one shot raises some questions. Is that really Ben Affleck’s Batman, or is DC showing fans a look at Christian Bale’s Batman? Bale has been open to reprising the role in the past, and The Flash would be perfect for a cameo due to the Multiverse being torn apart.

If Bale actually appears, this would be like Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), where fans will see several Batman variants, but it doesn’t seem like Ezra Miller will require help from all of the Batman variants at the same time. Fans would lose their minds if DC did include this, but don’t get your hopes up yet.

General Zod fighting Supergirl
Credit: DC/Warner Bros. Discovery

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The Snyderverse will seemingly be destroyed in the upcoming movie with Zod returning from the dead and taking over Earth and Cavill’s Superman being erased from the DCU due to Barry Allen messing with the Multiverse to save his mother.

Fans won’t be happy to see this happening, but it was inevitable due to James Gunn and Peter Safran introducing a brand new slate with no ties or connections to what previous movies created. DC is definitely moving forward in a bold direction, and the movie might be worth the wait.

Do you think The Flash will include Christian Bale’s Batman? Let us know what you think!

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