New DCU Will Take Its Cue from Major Disney Property According to Studio Head

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This is a bit of a surprise; DC Studios taking inspiration from Disney!

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If a fan of the DC Universe or the average DC Comic were asked to relate their idealized version of the franchise to another franchise, Disney properties would probably figure low on the list. Since the beginning, DC has prided itself on being able to do the things that Marvel Studios or any property at Disney can’t or won’t: going darker, dealing with more serious themes, even showing more graphic content than their competitors. It isn’t Marvel that James Gunn compared DC to, though.

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The new DC Universe isn’t even off the ground yet, and it already has more than its fair share of detractors. DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn has been busy quashing rumors and correcting falsehoods since he and Peter Safran took the job late last year. These rumors have calmed down significantly since Gunn’s announcement at the end of January, in which he announced a whole slew of new content on the way.

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Gunn also announced the new format for the DC Universe, which will be organized into chapters, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Phases. There was a lot of information to take in, and a lot which Inside the Magic reported on, including new Batman and Superman movies, Wonder Woman series, the new DC Elseworlds, and even some obscure properties like Creature Commandos that Gunn and Safran plan to bring to both the big and small screens.

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James Gunn has been giving out more information on the DC Universe piecemeal, clarifying things that weren’t 100% clear in his announcement. One such piece of information was just released this week via Gizmodo and reported by The Direct. In a Q&A session about Chapter One, Gods and Monsters, Gunn compared the new directions of the DC Universe to a major Disney property, and no, it wasn’t Marvel…it was Star Wars.

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How will the DC Universe be anything like Star Wars? In his response, Gunn explained:

“But we’re also creating a universe that is like Star Wars where there are different times, different places, different things, [and] like Game of Thrones, where characters are a little bit more morally complex.”

This comment, though vague, actually gives fans a little more to go on with the new DC Universe. Firstly, the DC Universe won’t be like Star Wars in tone or content, but actually in scope: Star Wars is broad and sweeping, covering many different planets, characters, and causes, so it’s safe to assume DC will now be doing something similar. When it comes to tone, it seems like audiences can expect something more like Gunn’s second comparison.

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Comparing the DC Universe to Game of Thrones goes a long way in telling fans not only about the moral complexity of the characters but also the dramatic tone that allows for moments of Gunn-style comedy. It seems like a good fit for the DC Universe, but audiences will have to wait and see where the new direction takes the characters fans know and love.

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