Sea World Theme Park: Four Dead In Horrific Incident, More Critically Injured

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Dolphin presentation at Sea World Theme Park Queensland

Credit: Sea World

At a time meant for celebration, the New Year was rocked with devastation after multiple people died and became injured during a horrific accident near Sea World Theme Park.

New Atlantis at Sea World Theme Park Australia
Credit: Sea World

Sea World Theme Park is found in Queensland on Australia’s Gold Coast and is owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Part of the Australian theme park capital, Sea World joins Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast at the prolific vacation destination. It features marine animals and other marine life, as well as roller coasters and wildlife encounters.

Unfortunately, for those visiting Sea World Theme Park today, an incident left four people dead nearby. According to reports, two helicopters collided mid-air “just outside” the theme park, killing four and many more injured, including three in critical condition.

The collision happened around 2 p.m. local time while many would be celebrating the Australian summer break. Queensland Police Acting Inspector Gary Worrell stated that initial inspections suggested that the incident occurred while one aircraft was taking off and the other was landing.

Movie World
Credit: Movie World

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Due to the location of the crash, a sandbank just outside of the theme park district, Mr. Worrell said access had been difficult:

“One airframe had the windscreen removed and it has landed safely on the island, the other airframe had crashed and it was upside down. Members of the public and police tried to remove the people and they commenced first aid and tried to help these people to safety.”

The report goes on to reveal that those with critical injuries were suffering from multi-system trauma while many of the minor cases were from impact and glass shards.

Leviathan at Sea World Australia
Credit: Sea World

Sea World Theme Park released a statement on the incident, saying:

“We and the entire flying community are devastated by what has happened and our sincere condolences go to all those involved and especially the loved ones and family of the deceased.”

It is not yet fully understood if the aircraft were owned by the theme park, with the Resort staying silent on the matter due to the investigation taking place.

Looney Tunes Carousel at Movie World
Credit: Movie World

The proximity of the collision caused massive disruption to Sea World Theme Park’s operations with one witness saying that there was a “massive, massive bang” and that staff moved quickly to cordon off areas closest to the incident. The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said:

“My deepest sympathies are with each of the families and everyone affected by this terrible accident.”

She also stated that the incident was an “unthinkable tragedy”.

Dolphin presentation at Sea World Theme Park Queensland
Credit: Sea World

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Sea World Gold Coast Theme Park Australia features a variety of attractions and experiences including rides like Leviathan at the Park’s New Atlantis expansion, Trident, and Vortex; animal encounters like Ray Reef, Penguin Point, and the Polar Bear Shores attraction; and interactive experiences like Tropical Reef Snorkel, Dolphin Deep Water Adventure, and Shark Bay Discovery.

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