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Dolphin presentation at Sea World Theme Park Queensland

Credit: Sea World


  1. Minnie Mouse

    These theme parks should sue you for the way you implicate them in situations they have nothing to do with. Shameful. Hope it’s with the paycheck.

    1. David Jones

      I was thinking the same thing! It happened next to the park at a beach. I’ve been there many times. Implying that it happened at Sea World itself is shameful.

      1. David Jones

        Although, to be fair, I think the helicopters are branded Sea World.

  2. Javie

    Also, take a look at a map. The Gold Coast is not like Orlando. Sea World (not part of the US Sea World group) is on a strip of land near Marina Mirage mall and marina, Palazzo Versace Hotel, and beaches. The other parks are not that close. The other main attractions in that area are the Gold Coast itself with beautiful beaches, shopping, casinos, etc. MovieWorld is cool, but you also aren’t too far from a rainforest so there’s lots of amazing things to do and see.

    If you are interested in what this SeaWorld is like and the area in general, check out a show on Amazon Prime called “H2O, just add water.” The first round of the series features 3 teenage girls who become mermaids (2 of the actresses went on to star in the vampire show “The Originals). One of the girls gets a job after school and weekends at SeaWorld. It’s a cute family friendly show. They also did a later series with a teenage boy mermaid (as well as girls) and an animated series. If your kids like mermaids or, like I said, you see a family friendly show featuring the Gold Coast – check them out!

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