No Monorail? No Problem!: How to Get Around Walt Disney World

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Monorail at EPCOT

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The Walt Disney World Monorail has been down for the past two days, and many Guests might worry about their transportation to and from the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Seeing as how both Parks play key roles in many Disney vacations, Disney offers other options for Guests looking to get in and out of the aforementioned theme parks. While not as classic as the monorail, they will definitely work as a temporary fix.

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Due to a power outage that hit the Parks on Friday, the trains have been temporarily shut down. The monorail is undoubtedly a key experience for Walt Disney World, and many fans find it a crucial ingredient to their perfect Disney visit.

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Not only is it one of the best ways to get in and out of the Parks, but it also provides some of the most gorgeous sightseeing opportunities, especially at night. With the trains being down, many guests might be on the verge of panic mode trying to figure out how to get around. What they might be forgetting is that the monorails are only one option, and it’s not as if they’ve been cut completely off.

magic kingdom ferry boat
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The most functional alternative might be the ferryboats that take Guests right to the Magic Kingdom gates. Granted, the ferryboats and water taxis are arguably the slowest method available, meaning that rope droppers might not be in favor of that option. If they’re willing to sacrifice a little time, they can still make it in for a day of magic and wonder in Walt Disney World’s signature Park. It should also be noted that EPCOT has their own aquatic transport catering to a variety of hotels and villas, as well as Skyliner access.

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The boats can be accessed through the Walt Disney World transportation center, same side as the monorail station. Additionally, the boats to EPCOT can be accessed from a number of different resorts. Guests looking for all manner of alternative transportation options can find all the information they need on the Disney Park’s website. They still have more than a few choices to cater to their needs.

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