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Parking Sign at Disney

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Walt Disney World is one of the most enormous theme parks on the planet, and that’s by very little exaggeration. Naturally, any place, theme park or otherwise, nearly the size of San Fransisco, needs some form of transport other than feet to get its visitors from A to B. Disney certainly has more than an army of buses, trains, and automobiles to help Guests transverse the property, but one of the Parks’ most utilized options has been missing for some time.

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There are more than a few ways to get to and from the Parks, including complementary buses for those Guests staying at the Disney resorts, but those choosing to drive to the Magic Kingdom and park in the lots have recently had to deal with an exhausting trek to the front gates. Much to the relief of who knows how many calf muscles, it seems like they will soon return.

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A recent tweet from Disney displayed a video featuring the blue and white trams getting polished and prepped for a stellar return to the Magic Kingdom before the end of 2022. While the vehicles have made earlier returns to other Disney Parks, it seems like the ones that call the Magic Kingdom home are a bit late to the party.

Magic Kingdom Trams
Credit: Spectrum News

Naturally, this is only one of the many things making a return to the Parks in both the aftermath of the 2020 Pandemic and Hurricane Ian, but a welcome inclusion nevertheless.

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While it might seem like a minor addition to some Guests, the convenience of transport from the lots to the gates is definitely something many will be relieved to see return to the Park, especially if they’re on their way from the rear sections of the lot. A short trip on a tram can certainly make for a quicker trip inside, giving them more time to enjoy their trip in Disney’s world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.

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