Disney Is Updating Space Mountain, Could a Closure Be Coming?

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A beloved coaster is getting some much-needed TLC.

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Few roller coasters even compare to the original Space Mountain in Walt Disney World. While it may hurt your back a little, it’s still a thrilling adventure that has been pleasing Guests for decades.

Space Mountain can be found at a lot of other Disney Parks, like Disneyland in California. Over on the west coast, Space Mountain reaches a speed of 35 m.p.h. and was the second Space Mountain attraction built in a Disney Park. Most Disney Guests long for the opportunity to have the unique experience of seeing the ride with the lights on.

It’s simply a must-do for roller coaster fans, even though it just barely outpaces Goofy’s Barnstormer in terms of speed.

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Located in the Tomorrowland section of the Park, Space Mountain takes you on an “out of this world” journey through the stars.

With its galactic theming, dark ambiance, and iconic soundtrack, the indoor roller coaster is a must-ride for Guests at Walt Disney World seeking adventure and a wild trip to space. The ride can be found at multiple Disney Parks and Resorts across the world, but the original Magic Kingdom version will always hold a special place in our hearts.

However, as we stated earlier, this ride has been operating for decades at this point, meaning it’s certainly aged quite a bit.

disney world space mountain
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With Disney’s new TRON roller coaster set to open in April, there couldn’t be a better time for Disney to give the attraction a much-needed new coat of paint and exterior cleaning.

Disney is taking this chance and performing an exterior refurbishment on the coaster at this very moment. The last time the attraction got an exterior refurbishment was in 2020. With TRON Lightcycle Run opening in just a few months, we cant help but wonder if Space Mountain will be shutting down for a complete refurbishment sometime soon.

While crowd levels will most likely be nightmarish upon opening weekend for TRON, Space Mountain could really use some love both on the outside and inside.

Are you looking forward to riding TRON Lightcycle/Run when it opens in April at the Magic Kingdom?

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