Disney Cursed Out By Showrunner After Show Gets Leaked Before Release

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The Owl House Luz Noceda shouting

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It seems that Disney is once again being called out.

The Owl House Banner with Luz Noceda
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Recently, a Disney original show had one of its very last episodes leaked publicly, after being cancelled prematurely and receiving a heavily shortened run for its third season — unbeknownst to its own creator, Dana Terrace.

After animated series The Owl House (2020) aired, it received almost universal praise and gained its own cult following, becoming one of the most highly-anticipated animated TV shows to come out of the Disney Channel, after popular Gravity Falls (2012) ended its iconic run in 2016. A Gravity Falls alum herself, creator Dana Terrace was also involved with 2017’s DuckTales reboot (another unfortunately cancelled show), and decided to venture forth with a bold new concept of her own — The Owl House. 

Luz and amity in the owl house on disney channel
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Originally created for the Disney Channel, the magic-filled romp follows Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles), a regular teenage girl who discovers a mysterious portal that takes her to a magical world called the Boiling Isles — a world of strange characters, creatures, magic, and mystery. While there, Luz eventually meets with “The Owl Lady”, Eda Clawthorne (Wendie Malick), King (Alex Hirsch) and Hooty (also Alex Hirsch). While searching for a way home, Luz befriends other kids who live there and attend magic school together —  excitable illusionist Gus Porter (Issac Ryan Brown), girlfriend Amity Blight (Mae Whitman), and green thumb witch Willow Park (Tati Gabrielle) — who all help to uncover the secret of the Boiling Isles, and the mysterious Emperor Belos (Matthew Rhys), as well as Eda’s sister, Lilith Clawthorne (Cissy Jones). New friends like Raine Whispers (Avi Roque), and even Hunter (Zeno Robinson) join the motley crew of characters in their fight against the Emperor.

The Owl House Fight (left to right) Luz Noceda, Willow Park, Alador Blight, Amity Blight, Guy Porter)
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For the creators of The Owl House however, who had previously bravely called Disney out within their own show, it seems like the stress of working with The Walt Disney Company is far from over. With the newest special episode of the (already severely shortened) third Owl House season coming out on January 21, 2023, Terrace posted this tweet alongside some gorgeous promotional art:
The Owl House returns January 21st for the second special episode of season 3:
“For the Future” 💫🌘💀


Not even a day later, she and the other creators of the Disney original were hit by a huge bombshell — the second episode of Season Three had been fully leaked online.

And Owl House creator Dana Terrace was not happy about it. Taking to Twitter, the upset Disney creator tweeted a vent thread expressing her emotions and cussing Disney out:

Some of the following language may not be suitable for younger readers.

I don’t know how else to say this but I’m so fucking tired

(in thread) When your own damn company just uploads shit by accident lmao.

(in thread) Also pls don’t @ me just to tell me you watched it

The Owl House Dana Terrace tweet
Credit: Dana Terrace on Twitter

Here, it can be seen that Terrace is clearly upset at her own company, and basically accuses them of being complicit in the leak. Obviously, the thread blew up.

A while later, however, the creator appeared to regret her decision to tweet, and tweeted this follow-up:

Deleted vent thread. You’re all so kind and I’m thankful for the support but I forget how overwhelming so many reactions can be to a single thought. (My feelings on the matter haven’t changed tho haha) Anyway, Jan 21st is comin up and we hope everyone enjoys the ep REGARDLESS!

She makes it very clear that her “feelings on the matter haven’t changed” — so it’s safe to say that she’s still harboring some upset at the very company she thought she could trust.

It’s another unfortunate blow for the already drama-plagued show, and if Disney were indeed complicit in any of the leaks, it would be a terrible thing to do to a creator of a show who brought significant traffic and a massive, dedicated fanbase to their Disney Channel and Disney+ platforms. Hopefully, this leak will not dampen the January 21 release, and the show will still find its success — even in its twilight hours.

What do you think of this leak accusation aimed at Disney? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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