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  1. First of all, I’d like to thank Dana Terrace for creating such a beautiful and intelligent series. It’s not every day you could get drawn into an animated series, episode after episode and just wanting more after each ends. Sometimes we forget kids really are smarter than we think they are. They really don’t want to hear catchphrases from the protagonist, week after week. They want something that would entice them to come back for more and she’s done that. BTW, I’m in my 40’s and proud to say that I still love cartoons 😉 Well, the really thought out series’ that is. Disney really didn’t do it any justice by canceling it so soon. Especially when the show built up such a huge fanbase and have been generating huge viewership for the streamer. I really don’t know why they canceled the show. The numbers just don’t add up. Maybe the higher ups were pressured by an organization into ending it earlier before Luz and Amity’s relationship could further develop? Seeing that Luz and Amity are young adults and are gay. The higher ups may have felt too uncomfortable with all the controversy that would have come with it if it got out and they didn’t know to defend the show. That and the family brand that comes with the Disney name wouldn’t help matters for them. I really don’t know. I’m just speculating here since like I said, it just doesn’t make any sense. As for in reference to the leak itself, it is possible that the person who leaked it was someone who was as upset with the early cancelation of the show. Kinda like flipping the birdie to Disney out of spite. The only other scenario I could think of would be someone personal wanting to hurt Dana herself. Either way, it’s just damn petty. The show already got knocked down. It really wasn’t necessary to kick it while it was down. BTW I was also a fan of Duck Tales, the reboot. Love the new spin on the classic franchise. Another show that was canceled too soon as well. Didn’t realize Dana was also involved with that show until this article was posted though.

    1. wesley

      Do you have something against paragraphs? I refuse to read that wall of text.

  2. Chi

    I actually enjoyed the show. It really does suck that they had to shorten the last season just to wrap things up. There could’ve been so much more to explore with all the characters. I wish that the creator, Dana would’ve gotten the chance to finish it her way even if it was in another form of medium like how Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued in comic book form. I believe the creator for Gargoyles did the same with his property when Disney canceled that show as well.

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