Viral Tweet Claims Suburbanites Love Disney Because They Won’t “See Homeless People”

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The new Magic Kingdom Central Plaza area between Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle.

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“Disney Adults” became a big part of the cultural zeitgeist in 2022 when multiple viral incidents shined a light on the community. One woman shared a video of herself hugging Pluto for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and became the target of unrelenting bullying.

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Across the pond at Disneyland Paris, a proposal ignited fierce debate. A man climbed onto a stage to propose to his girlfriend and was quickly ushered away by a Disney Cast Member, who grabbed the ring out of his hand. While some shamed the employee for intervening, others called the “Disney Adults” entitled.

Mickey Mouse in his 30th anniversary outfit at Disneyland Paris with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background
Credit: Disney

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This week, Twitter user Ally Maynard (@missmayn) went viral after suggesting that suburbanites love Walt Disney World Resort because it’s a walkable community – hard to find in the United States – where they don’t have to see unhoused people:

my theory is suburbanites f**king love Disney World because it’s their chance to to enjoy walkable dining and entertainment experiences with convenient mass transit without having to see homeless people.

Disney is essentially a pseudo city experience for adult babies

With over five million views and 55,000 likes, Maynard’s tweet sparked a new conversation about adult Disney Park fans. Many suggested different reasons people love Disney Parks. @SFGreek wrote:

You know who love Disney Resorts? A whole lot of people w/ disabilities. It gives them a brief chance to be free from their usual physical constraints. People with ASD are also often huge fans. Disney’s really problematic, but there’s also no place like it for many, many people.

“Did you know about the rides,” asked @davehill77:

But others agreed with Maynard. From @mommyshorts:

This explains why none of my mom friends have any desire to go. We live in Manhattan.

@TheNels wrote:

They would rather pay $1000s out of pocket for that experience instead of seeing their tax dollars create the same thing

What do you think about Maynard’s tweet? Do you visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort for walkability? 

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