Are Theme Park Proposals Just Seeking Attention?

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Disney Proposal

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Being able to propose to your significant other in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle is a dream to many Guests; sharing that unforgettable moment at The Happiest Place On Earth truly sounds like a dream. However, not everything is love and pixie dust for Guests who decide to propose at Disneyland, or any Disney Park for that matter.

Disney Proposal
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We recently saw a wedding proposal interrupted by a Cast Member at Disneyland Paris. The video quickly went viral and sparked a heated debate between viewers who criticized and attacked the Cast Member and those who commented he was doing his job and that Guests should not have been on the platform in the first place.

Disneyland Paris even had to release an official statement apologizing for the situation and commenting they had already reached out to the couple to “make things right.”

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Surprisingly, this is not even the first time we have seen Disney employees step in and stop a proposal from happening within the Disney Parks. We covered a story where Disney security was forced to stop a proposal from taking place. You can read more on that by clicking here.

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Well, it seems the topic of proposals at Disneyland continues to create discussion, as recently, one Guest took to Reddit to share their experience witnessing a series of proposals at the Park. Redditor u/BeeBeeBoop2 wrote the following:

In seeing the latest video about the couple that got up on a restricted area at Disneyland Paris to pop the question, a question came to mind: is proposing at Disneyland attention seeking?

The reason I ask is because when we were there in early January, we saw the same couple get engaged 3 times. The first was in the morning in front of the castle, the second was before the parade in front of the tree, and the third was in front of the stage in Star Wars land before Kylo Ren came out in a show. We noticed loud cheering near the castle and saw the couple in position and she yelled yes! We were flabbergasted when we saw them again in front of the Christmas tree before the parade. Loud cheers, her yelling “Yes!” and crying. Later that evening, we hear cheers again and assume it’s for Kylo Ren. Wrong! It’s the couple doing the exact same thing, saying the exact same thing. Always in front of a gathered crowd.

I would have thought it might be for pictures, him getting down on one knee and posing in front of different areas of the park. But the way she kept yelling out “YES!” while sobbing into her hands was obviously not for pictures but seemed to be more for performance. I’m just shocked we were in the same area as them 3 different times and it makes me wonder if they did it anywhere else.

The more I think about it, why would one get engaged in front and center of the castle, for example, unless for attention? Proposals are personal events. Why not propose on the side and away from the crowd of people trudging by?

disneyland sleeping beauty castle
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Fellow Redditors were quick to point out that not all wedding proposals at Disneyland seek attention but that the same thing could not be said about the obnoxious couple they encountered. Redditor u/Justin113113 even commented that the couple the original poster encountered was surely faking the proposals as some joke or stunt.

The couple’s intentions were not clear to the Guest who shared the story, although it is possible they were playing a prank or making some kind of joke, faking the emotional moment for their enjoyment. No more information was shared about the couple.

Sleeping Beauty Castle
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While the couple’s behavior in this story cannot be spoken for, many couples dream of having the beginning of their happily ever after at the heart of Disneyland Park, whether that puts them in the spotlight or not.

What are your thoughts on wedding proposals at Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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