DC Finally Creating “Pivotal” Mystery Series With Green Lanterns

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Jon Stewart for Zack Snyder's Justice League

Credit: Warner Bros. / DC

At long last, DC will be exploring the cosmos with everyone’s favorite space cops.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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The Green Lanterns have been teased for years, but after Ryan Reynolds’s dashing attempt to star as Hal Jordan epicly failed, DC never brought the Green Lantern back. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2020) almost brought John Stewart into the DCU, but Warner Bros. decided against that.

In the background, a series dedicated to the Green Lantern Corps has been teased for eons. Fans waited years only to hear nothing, but James Gunn shared some good news today. Not only are fans getting to see more of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, fans will also get the long-awaited series for the Green Lanterns.

Hal Jordan using his ring while flying
Credit: DC Comics

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Instead of seeing Greg Berlanti’s original vision for the series, DC chose to scrap the project and start fresh. Not much was shared, but Gunn did make it clear that the series will be instrumental in the overarching story of the first chapter of the DCU as the series will have a mystery element. THR shares a brief snippet on what to expect:

“Our vision for this is very much in the vein of True Detective,” Safran described. “It’s terrestrial-based.” It will feature prominent Lantern heroes Hal Jordan and John Stewart and is one of the most important shows they have in development. “This plays a really big role in leading into the main story we are telling across film and TV.”

John Stewart as Green Lantern
Credit: DC Comics

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Lanterns is taking inspiration from True Detective is a great sign on how the series will feel very different from other DC projects. Unlike most cosmic super heroes, Green Lanterns already tend to solve a lot of mysteries and explore the galaxy, so it will be great to see this happen across the different planets.

Knowing that the series will be terrestial is great because even though DC went overboard with the CGI last time, fans want to see the cosmic side of the DCU. Hal Jordan on Earth is cool, but alien planets are great to explore and helps make the series more unique.

Green Lanterns from across the universe
Credit: DC Comics

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HBO Max will definitely need to have a large budget for the series, but the best part is that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be working together in the series meaning that fans won’t have to argue about which Lantern they wished DC chose to appear in the series.

There’s a lot of potential for Lanterns to be something spectacular and fans have waited so long that DC will have to nail it or else this series could be one of the first disasters for the new chapter of DC storytelling.

Are you excited to see Lanterns? Let us know what you think about the series!

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