Magical Experiences Fans Can Still Have At Disney

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To say that Disney hasn’t been steeping in controversy lately would be insanely untrue. With Chapek’s firing shaking things up on the corporate side, rides being closed, ghastly guest behavior, and tickets receiving multiple price increases, it seems like the name, brand, and company are all quickly losing that spark of magic.

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It might sound like Disney is losing touch with their audience, but there is still a healthy stream of magic still clinging to the castles for dear life. The Disney Parks are home to some of the most incredible experiences in the world, and while Chapek is out and Iger is in, Guests jumping out of ride vehicles, and Genie+are still the subject of ire and disdain to thousands. However, there are simply some experiences Disney will never lose. After all, there has to be a reason fans still keep coming back for more. The company might be facing some troubling times, but that doesn’t mean the Parks still can’t be the place where memories are made.


Rides and Attractions

big thunder mountain disneyland
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In spite of the current repairs and refurbishments still in progress at the time of writing, there are still plenty of rides and attractions for fans to enjoy while some are currently being managed. Disney and frequent Guests are constantly sharing a regular schedule of which attractions are open or under maintenance.

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With a grand total of 173 attractions in Walt Disney World alone, it’s not like fans are in want of rides. While it is true that many are still currently being refurbished, many classics like the haunted mansion and space mountain are still readily available

Mickey Ears

Disneyland Paris 30th Minnie Mouse ears
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Any decent Disney fan has at least one pair of Mickey ears in their collection and with new designs coming out on the daily, it’s practically impossible not to find at least one pair to suit your needs. Black is traditional, but with so many resembling famous characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and more, variety is indeed the spice of life. Since eliminating these from the Parks would be just as insulting as removing Mickey from the Parks, it’s safe to say that the ears are a permanent fixture.

Pin Trading

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If ear-hats aren’t really your thing, there’s always pin trading. Beginning in October 1999 and spanning the course of decades, Disney’s collection of pens at the parks continues to grow exponentially, some becoming increasingly rare collectors items with each passing year. Guests are encouraged to trade, buy, and barter for different pens fitting different characters, themes, attractions, and more a quick and easy souvenir, every seasoned Disney Parks fan has at least one in their collection.

Live Entertainment

Mickey Mouse performing during Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World Resort
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Although there are certainly audiences for attractions like the Country Bear Jamboree and MuppetVision 3-D, there’s always something extra special about the live entertainment options at Disney. Whether it’s the list of bands that frequently play at Disney Springs, the different entertainment options at Epcot, or the recently reopened Fantasmic!, it’s very hard to be bored on Disney property. There are shows regularly scheduled every day, and everything from music to comedy is covered. All Guests really have to do is check out the lists and marquees.

Meet The Characters

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It’s practically sacrilegious too many Disney fans to go to the Parks and not get a hug from Mickey, but while the Fab Five are the poster children of the Disney Parks, the studio has produced more than its fair share of delightful characters to meet.

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Not only do Disney’s regulars have their own Meet and Greet venues, but characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more have even made the guest list. It seems like Mickey has accumulated quite the selection of friends in recent years.

Lose Yourself

Magic Kingdom Holiday
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Rides can change, decor can change, experiences can change, but one thing that will never leave the Disney Parks as fans no it is the dedication to immersion. Disney isn’t kidding when they say “Here you leave today and enter a world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” The use of sensory manipulation and perspective is one of the biggest weapons in their arsenal, and Disney continues to go above and beyond in creating and maintaining experiences that solidify that idea. The Disney Parks are meant to be separate from our cold reality, and it’s always good to get away from it every once in a while.

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