Guests Wait Hours Under Pouring Rain For Returning Disney Parks Attraction

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Hundreds of Guests of all ages waiting in line for the return of Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Paris, a popular Disney Parks attraction

Credit: @Cave0fWonders on Twitter

Hundreds of Guests waited for hours under the pouring rain to experience a returning Disney Parks attraction. Can you guess which one?

Visiting Disney Parks worldwide is undoubtedly a memorable experience for all Guests, young and young at heart. With highly immersive storytelling across the resorts, beautifully themed lands, timeless ambiance, iconic attractions, beloved Disney characters in every corner, and so much more to see and do, it’s no wonder why Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disney Resort welcome millions of Guests every year, eager to enjoy a day immersed in the magic of Disney.

A mother and two children in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World during an after hours event
Credit: Walt Disney World

However, a visit to the Parks can sometimes hit a few bumps throughout the day, whether that be with an attraction breaking down and forcing Guests to evacuate through rickety paths, a temporary closure, or unfortunate weather conditions at the Resort you’re visiting.

The latter recently happened at Disneyland Paris, where hundreds of Guests, young and young at heart, waited for hours under the rain to experience a recently reopened attraction at the Parisian Disney Park.

An image of this multi-hour queue was shared on Twitter by Disney Cave 0f Wonders (@Cave0fWonders), who was as excited as all Guests in line to see the Princess Pavilion finally reopen at the Parisian Disney Park after a scheduled closure. The wait time for this magical experience, as shared by this user, was 140 minutes at the time it was posted, well over two hours!

Aaaaah the Princess Pavilion


Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Paris’ Fantasyland closed down on November 28 — as part of a series of scheduled temporary closures at the Parisian Disney Park — and was scheduled to reopen on December 2, explaining why so many fans were eager to revisit it.

At Disneyland Paris’ Princess Pavilion, Guests can meet and interact with some of their favorite Disney princesses.

Princess Pavilion at Disneyland Paris' Fantasyland
Credit: Disneyland Paris

Earlier this year, Disneyland Paris had to restrict a brand-new attraction at Avengers Campus after Guests constantly broke the Park’s rules, endangering themselves.

Would you wait under the rain for any Disney Parks attraction? Tell us which in the comments below!

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