Chapek’s Underhanded Strategies Led to His Dismissal – Report Claims

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Chapek’s abrupt departure is making more and more sense…

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When the news broke to a startled public on November 20 of this year, most people didn’t believe it could be true: was Bob Chapek, longtime source of frustration for many Disney fans, finally gone? The sudden nature of his removal, and replacement led many to wonder what would cause such a decision on the part of the board of directors, especially after his contract had been renewed for another three years. New reports from “people” in the know may shed some light on Chapek’s departure.

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A brainchild of Bob Iger, Disney+ has been a focal point of the Disney company since it’s inception. The streaming service rocketed to three quarters the number of subscribers as it’s chief competitor, Netflix has, in just three short years, and with the quality content and massive library it contains, it’s no surprise.

The problem, however, has been profit. Disney+ still isn’t profitable, despite Chapek’s confidence that it would turn a profit by 2024. To that end, the company has even raised prices, and added a tiered structure to include adds for the lowest subscription price. That isn’t all that the former CEO did to combat losses, however.

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According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, credible sources reported that at least two specific Disney+ shows, Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. and The Mysterious Benedict Society,  both billed and created as Disney+ original shows, were specifically premiered on the Disney Channel.

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By so doing, the company could report the losses from production and marketing for those two programs as losses not for the streaming service, but rather for the Disney Channel. The same inside sources claimed this was concerning to the company’s CFO, Christine McCarthy, concerning enough, apparently, that she has been reportedly one of the lead voices that called for Bob Chapek’s dismissal.

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If this is true, it would certainly confirm what many fans have believed for some time now, that the former CEO, Bob Chapek, has indeed been unduly concerned about profits, especially as the CEO of a company for which profit has traditionally taken a backseat to creativity. Disney fans the world over are hopeful that Bob Iger, returning to his position, will be able to return the company to it’s roots, and restore priorities.

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