Bob Iger Lamented Chapek, Said Disney Was “Losing Its Soul”

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If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, you will l have surely seen the news that Disney terminated Bob Chapek as its CEO. Bob Iger, the former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, is set to return for a brief, two-year tenure at the company.

This decision comes after abysmal stock prices as well as numerous controversies at and surrounding “The House of Mouse.”

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Things had been heating up for quite some time, though, despite the rather abrupt announcement late Sunday night.

A new report from The New York Times suggests that Bob Iger was not too fond of Bob Chapek and was fairly transparent with his opinions. According to the story, Iger had been privately railing against Chapek for months. Iger lamented Chapek for his lack of empathy and emotional intelligence, which Iger claimed hurt Chapek’s ability to communicate with the creative side of Hollywood.

One associate said Iger had claimed that Disney was losing its soul.

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This was something the Disney community had picked up on, as many felt Chapek’s overall approach was too business-oriented and did not showcase creativity.

Things got so bad internally at The Walt Disney Company that several associates and executives began to speak openly about resigning if Chapek remained in power. This talk reportedly alk that swiftly reached the Disney board. “He irretrievably lost the room,” said Christine M. McCarthy, Disney’s chief financial officer.

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In other news, we found out Kareem Daniel was also removed from The Walt Disney Company just hours ago. Daniel served as Chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution and had close ties to Bob Chapek. An email from Iger said that The Walt Disney Company will soon begin a “reorganization of Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution.”

With Daniel out, some big changes could be coming to Disney’s streaming service, which has been bleeding money for quite some time.

Are you excited to see Bob Iger back? Are you surprised?

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