Shocking New Feature Added to Splash Mountain Ahead of Retheming

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Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox in Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney

As Splash Mountain nears its polemic retheming, Disney seemingly added a new feature to the attraction, leaving Guests shocked and soaked.

Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort will bid farewell to Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, Br’er Fox, and the residents of the Briar Patch to make way for a complete reimagining of the attraction, opening at both Disney Parks in late 2024. While this complete reimagining, welcoming princess Tiana, prince Naveen, Louis, and Mama Odie into California and Orlando has been controversial, to say the least, Guests were recently surprised to notice a new detail at the attraction, leaving Guests shocked and soaked.

Credit: Disney

LMG Vids (@lmgvids) shared the video of this bizarre addition to Splash Mountain in Critter County at Disneyland Park, showing that the attraction now has “a leak” that showers Guests as they near the platform at the end of the beloved attraction.

You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

Splash Mountain Leaking Water at Disneyland #Disneyland #Accident #broken #fail #splashmountain #maintenance #Disney #Disneyparks #POV #water #wet


Splash Mountain Leaking Water at Disneyland #Disneyland #Accident #broken #fail #splashmountain #maintenance #Disney #Disneyparks #POV #water #wet

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From the video, it is unclear if this “new addition” was a temporary inconvenience due to a splash or condensation or more of a permanent problem with an actual leak coming from another part of the beloved ride needing the attention of maintenance teams at Disneyland Resort.

Unfortunately, this “leak” adds to the long list of problems that Guests have reported recently, as the attraction seemingly is in worse condition each passing day. We’ve recently seen reports of several broken animatronics, sinking boats, and constant breakdowns and evacuations. These problems have been reported at both Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.

splash mountain zip a dee doo dah riverboat
Credit: Disney

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While some fans don’t want to see princess Tiana take over the Briar Patch, many think Splash Mountain should be the first of many attractions at the California theme park to undergo a complete reimagining. Some of these fans have mentioned Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Autopia, The Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones Adventure, among the ones that urgently need a refresh. Would you agree with them? You can click here to read more about this discussion.

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