Fans Claims Certain ‘Star Wars’ Series Is Superior to ‘The Mandalorian’

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Greef Karga shaking hands with Din Djarin

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Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin might carry one of the cutest Star Wars characters, but cuteness and fan service aren’t enough for some fans as they believe another series has taken the title as best Star Wars series.

The Mandalorian in his N-1 Starfighter
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The Mandalorian is why Star Wars is sticking around Disney+ instead of being brave and releasing any Star Wars movie soon. For once, Disney landed on their feet with a Star Wars project that was universally loved instead of tearing the Star Wars fandom in half.

JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson ruined the Sequel Trilogy with poor storylines and pointless action with nostalgia coating the entire movie for fans to have any enjoyment from the movies. The worst part is that Disney rushed out to make a Star Wars movie every year, but their plans were altered once they saw the damage they had done.

The Mandalorian walking on a rocky planet
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The Mandalorian was the beacon of hope for Star Wars fans and led to several more Disney+ projects to release, and now fans can enjoy shows like Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett or Diego Luna’s Star Wars: Andor. When showrunner Tony Gilroy told Lucasfilm he wanted to tell Cassian Andor’s story, it was immediately greenlit because of Rogue One (2016)’s success.

When fans heard about Andor, they had reservations about seeing the series due to some of the new Star Wars content being iffy, and fans didn’t want to be disappointed. Thankfully, that all changed when Andor released some episodes. Fans were drawn in and immersed in a brand new look at the Empire and the start of the Rebellion.

Cassian Andor listening to Kino Loy
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For once, a Star Wars series took bold approaches toward character development and showed how far the Empire will go to protect itself. After Andor Season 1 Episode 9, “Nobody’s Listening!” fans went online to share their love for the series and claim that it might be the best Star Wars series:

Andor is not just the best Star Wars it’s one of the best TV series atm. It makes the rebellion cooler than the Jedi and the Empire is terrifying.

Another incredible episode of #Andor! Seriously, we don’t deserve this show. Fans have been so whiny and not sure what they want, and they still give us THIS?! We are blessed. Go watch it!

Whether you like #StarWars or not, you must watch #Andor  because it is an incredible piece of TV that just happens to be from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away

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I thoroughly enjoyed ep 1-3, 4-6 were outstanding, and now…9 episodes in, I think this is the best Star Wars show out there. Yes I said it. It’s just soooo good. Story, characters, acting, pacing, vibe, it’s a frigging spy thriller in the Star Wars universe

#Andor  is the best Star Wars show, hands down

#Andor is stunning. Each episode has me going bonkers! The first #StarWars thing that feels like a living breathing organism. Stunning.

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“Never more than 12!” #Andor  How can this show get better and better every week?  I really hope we keep this kind of more grounded, real #StarWars story telling in future shows,with the lifes and struggles of normal people besides the almighty Jedi and Sith. Amazing.

Just watched the latest #Andor  and I cannot get over how good it is. My nails are down to the quick after the final scenes. Sure it’s Star Wars, but with none of the magical nonsense and dumb comedy robots, instead we get a tightly wound spy thriller. Brilliant, brilliant

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While these fans have shared their love for Andor, that doesn’t mean that Disney will see the show as a major success. Unfortunately, the viewership levels for Andor aren’t that high, but the discussion about the show is mostly positive, which is quite unusual. Perhaps Disney will listen to the fans and create several more grounded Star Wars series with Tony Gilroy despite the initial viewership levels being lower than they thought.

They might not have said that The Mandalorian is worse, but no one is going forward and claiming that the series is the best Star Wars series anymore. Some fans may disagree once The Mandalorian Season 3 releases later next year, but Din may have lost his title to a low-life rebel trying to escape from the Empire.

Which series is better? The Mandalorian or Andor

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