Outraged Fans Will Boycott Chris Pratt’s Voice In ‘Super Mario Bros.’

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Chris Pratt as Mario

Credit: Nintendo/ Illumination

Fans don’t like Chris Pratt voicing Mario in the new animated movie Super Mario Bros. (2023), and fans have already found a way to boycott the actor’s performance and still watch the film.

Penguin Kingdom fighting Bowser
Credit: Nintendo/ Illumination

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Not every day do you get Jack Black as Bowser trying to take over the Kingdom on the big screen. While Mario has a long successful history in video games, the character rarely makes it into other mediums, but in April, Super Mario Bros. (2023) plans to change with a wild adventure with Chris Pratt voicing the iconic character.

Instead of emphasizing Mario’s Italian accent, Pratt voices the character with his familiar voice which led to fans being furious at the actor for not even trying. Due to the actor’s popularity, he has been set up to voice several iconic roles in animated movies and, of course, star in the MCU as Peter Quill/Star-Lord and have a major role in the Jurassic World franchise.

Mario running with Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom
Credit: Nintendo/ Illumination

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Pratt’s popularity doesn’t keep him out of celebrity drama as fans might like the actor but don’t think he is the right person to voice Mario. Culture Crave shares what the French dub sounds like, which is honestly way closer to what Mario should sound in the movie:

France got someone who actually sounds like Mario and we got Chris Pratt

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Pierre Tessier does the French dub, most notably the voice dub actor for Ryan Reynolds in French. Since French is very similar to Italian, it’s a no-brainer for fans to watch the movie with subtitles for the best experience with a better-sounding voice.

After seeing the French dub, fans went online to share their thoughts about how the French dub is the only way to watch the animated film:

Pierre Tessier >> Chris Prat

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We will be watching in Français

Petition to have this French man dubbed in English version lol

First time i side with France smh

Chris Pratt missing the mythic “Here we go” is the worst

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Chris Pratt’s role as Mario has definitely sparked some community outrage, and it won’t be shocking if the French version of the movie manages to attract more popularity due to fans wanting to experience the film how they think it should be watched.

Jack Black as Bowser
Credit: Nintendo / Illumination

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Super Marios Bros. releases in theaters on April 7th, 2023.

Do you think Pierre Tessier’s French dub is better than Chris Pratt’s performance? Let us know what you think!

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