Resellers Hoard Exclusive Disney Merchandise, Fill Wagons With Dozens of Items

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Credit: @DisneyCarnival1 (left), @dlp_guests_show (right)

Resellers have struck again, as they have filled entire wagons with exclusive Disneyland Paris merchandise, leaving empty shelves behind them and adding ridiculous markups on the items.

It is no secret that Disney Parks worldwide have some of the most appealing merchandise, making thousands of Guests spend exuberant amounts of money to get the latest designer collection, the newest Spirit Jersey, a new pair of Mickey or Minnie Ears, or even add limited-edition pins to their collection.

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While some of the items sold at Disney Parks worldwide could be considered everyday casual wear or items you can wear to the Parks every time you visit, certain exclusive items sell with a much larger price tag. The latter are often the object of desire of many resellers, who never hesitate to purchase entire wagons of merchandise to flip online with ridiculous markups.

While Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are undoubtedly victims of this behavior as well, Disneyland Paris takes the top spot regarding reports of resellers striking the Park. From Guests buying dozens of limited-release collectibles to Cast Members selling exclusive preview items online, the matter seems to keep growing at the Parisian Park.

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The latest reports came with the return of a massive, designer replica of the Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris’ version of The Haunted Mansion, which debuted earlier this year. While the impressive replica sold out after its original release, the collectible figurine recently arrived at the Parisian Park once more.

phantom manor disneyland paris
Credit: Disney

Disney Cave 0f Wonders (@Cave0fWonders) shared a photo of the Phantom Manor replica, priced at €129 at Disneyland Paris.

The figure: Phantom Manor is back at the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building store 

#disneylandparis #halloween

Of course, resellers quickly jumped to the scene. DLP GUESTS SHOW (@dlp_guests_show) shared a few images of these resellers with an entire wagon filled with items.

Fans of the Phantom Manor figurine are present on the park… but where will they put them all?… 

#dlp #dlplive #DisneylandParis

Responses quickly came in, with some users sharing the online listings of the exclusive Phantom Manor figurine. Best of Vinted spécial Disneyland Paris (@BestofVintedDLP) shared a screenshot of a user selling the replica for €249 (almost twice its value), claiming they were selling the item at Park prices.

Do we have an answer about their destination? 

The person could have added a * next to “price items of the park* without counting my discount which allows me to make a good profit” 

DLP Welcome (@DLPWelcome) shared a screenshot of a different user selling the Phantom Manor replica for a whopping €1,000, about eight times more than what the item costs at Disneyland Paris!


DisneyCarnival (@DisneyCarnival1) shared an image of a couple taking a whopping 14 boxes along with them, being less kind when covering their faces.

When I said they would come with trailers

Then maybe it’s boxes of TP

Yeah we’ll say that #scalpers #disneylandparis


While Disney has tried to implement different measures to prevent these shameful situations, it seems like resellers always find a way around the rules to continue hoarding merchandise.

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