Guests Abuse Free Disney Souvenirs, Adding Ridiculous Markups

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Many Guests are abusing the latest free Disney souvenirs, trying to make a massive profit reselling limited-edition items online.

Select Guests visiting Disney Parks today could enjoy many extra benefits as part of Disney+ Day celebrations, from extended Park hours to exclusive photo ops and even some free perks like balloons, buttons, and a lovely pair of Mickey ears themed to the streaming platform.

Disney+ Day at Walt Disney World
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Victoria Thompson (@VictoriaTheTech) shared an image of these exclusive items on her Twitter account, commenting that while she wasn’t sure what “Disney+ Day” meant, she was happy to receive the free Disney souvenirs.

It’s Disney+ Day in Hollywood Studios!

I admittedly have no clue what is going on here today, but they gave us ears and a pin so that’s cool.

While many fans were delighted to receive this exclusive pair of Mickey ears, a traditional Disney Parks souvenir, and more to see it was entirely free when they showed they had a current subscription to Disney+, others had different plans for the souvenir.

Some Guests are trying to resell this exclusive item online and adding insane markups to this free Disney souvenir. Some of the listings range between $20 and $80, but some Guests are abusing the free souvenirs, trying to resell them for $150 and even putting a whopping $500 price tag on a pair of these exclusive ears.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time a situation like this takes place. Inside the Magic reported that similar behavior was seen during last year’s celebration of Disney+ Day. You can read more about that here.

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We have also seen Guests constantly filling massive bags with new merchandise and limited-edition releases to resell online, and even Cast Members engaging in this behavior, trying to resell exclusive items from Avengers Campus before the land opened earlier this year.

It is important to point out that Disney has strict rules and policies against reselling, as displayed above and trying to do so can result in severe consequences.

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