Disabled Teen Unfairly Removed From California Theme Park Attraction, “It Was More Humiliating For Him”

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Six Flags Magic mountain west coast racers attraction

Credit: Six Flags

A disabled seventeen-year-old was removed from a California theme park attraction without an explanation from the employees, which the family considers unfair treatment.

A local California family is demanding answers from a massive California theme park after Ryder Gonzalez, the family’s teen son, was unjustly removed from one of the Park’s roller coasters.

Six Flags Magic mountain west coast racers attraction guests
Credit: Six Flags

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Ryder, like any other teen, enjoys visiting theme parks despite being born without one hand and deaf. Regardless of these disabilities, the Gonzalez family says Ryder functions better than many people with two hands and hearing, as the seventeen-year-old boxes, plays basketball, and was even a Little League pitcher in the city of Commerce, California.

However, a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, devastated the teenager when he was removed from the roller coaster West Coast Racers, one of the most thrilling attractions in the California theme park. According to the family, Ryder had already been strapped into the attraction when a theme park employee told him he could not continue due to policy concerns.

Six Flags Magic mountain west coast racers attraction top
Credit: Six Flags

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Ryder’s father, Raul Gonzalez, told ABC7, “She was very dismissive, and kept saying it’s policy; it’s policy.” “It was more humiliating for him because he was allowed to board the ride and then pulled off,” added the upset parent.

James Gonzalez, brother of the affected teen, said Ryder was mad that he was kicked off the ride, as he was really looking forward to it. Annie Gonzalez, Ryder’s mother, added that her son has been to several theme parks, including Disneyland, and never had an issue until he visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time Sunday.

Six Flags Magic Mountain California theme park west coast racers
Credit: Six Flags

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Six Flags Magic Mountain issued the following statement:

Six Flags has designed and developed a special safety harness for 98% of our theme park rides to better accommodate the needs of guests with certain disabilities. With all requirements met, riders who do not meet certain extremity requirements may be able to dire utilizing the full body harness. Guests can visit Guest Relations while inside the park. 

As of this article’s publishing, it is unclear if Six Flags has reached out to the Gonzalez family to apologize for the experience.

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