Bob Chapek Ready to Shake Things Up Over Disney+ Being “Underpriced”

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Bob Chapek may have taken over Bob Iger’s position in 2020, but no one would’ve expected that Chapek would hope to raise prices for Disney+ in rapid succession.

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At the moment, Disney+ already plans to introduce their ad-tier subscription in December with a price rise due to inflation. While fans could understand this move, Chapek believes that the prices Disney is charging to fans are simply too cheap. Now that Disney+ has been out for almost three years and has a plethora of content for all audiences, the streaming service might become more expensive.

Over the past few months, Netflix and HBO Max have shown that streaming services might be popular but are rife with controversy. HBO Max has cut and removed hundreds of shows while Netflix struggles to stay on the same level as Disney+ despite losing customers’ trust over account sharing.

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Chapek shared in an interview with Variety how he thinks Disney+ should be more expensive based on the quality content they provide. “I think we’re way underpriced relative to the value we provide.”

On top of this, Chapek shared that he believes their current plan will help the company reach its subscription goal. “This just puts wind in our sales to achieve the [projected Disney+ subscriber] numbers we stated,” Chapek said.

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As of July 2, Disney+ has over 221 million subscribers and plans to reach 245 million subscribers by the end of 2024. To garner more interest in their streaming platform, Disney hopes to completely buy out Hulu and take the remaining stock from Comcast. If they do this, Disney+ will combine Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ into a single integrated service.

As a huge bundle, Disney+ could then easily charge more to subscribers, which will be hard for some fans who are only interested in a select few shows on Disney+. Chapek truly believes this can be done very soon so families shouldn’t be surprised if another price change is announced in a few months.

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What are your thoughts on Disney+ potentially combining with ESPN+ and Hulu? Let us know what you think!

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