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  1. Setve

    I wold gladly pay $50 for Disney+

    1. Dan

      I would gladly let my brother pay whatever Chapek wants, but I’m not paying for it.

  2. Dani

    He needs to go! He’s destroying Disney magic! All he cares about is money in his pocket! He’s a piece of crap! He is why I will never go back! He leaves I will 100 percent! But he’s there so no! He can shove it!! No one likes him! When is Disney going to wake up and fire him?

    1. JD

      Right there with you. Told my wife the same thing yesterday. The worst leader in the company’s history.

    2. Never sgain

      He’s horrible and ruining everything Disney about. Cost me 20 to stay eat on my 10 day vac

  3. Bob Cheapskate

    Chapek is a very short sighted CEO. Grab as much money as possible and cut costs everywhere today. But long term they are losing customers. They will feel in in the next couple of years. Price goes up on Disney+ and i will drop it the same day.

  4. Steve

    Yes Bob, price it like the parks, everyone will flock to it like the parks. What could go wrong,?

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      they are flocking to the parks. Attendance is up. Even with the new lower limit, they are hitting it almost every day, except the last 3 weeks, but it is back on the upswing. Remember the beginning of September, along with January, are the slowest times of the year. Dates are selling out now in October.

      1. Steve

        Thanks for the Fantasyland Update, Disney Marketing.

      2. Drew

        How’s that stock price doing Scott?

      3. Jim

        Attendance is down from pre pandemic. Profits are up but attendance is still down. Doesn’t feel like it though some days.

    2. Jennifer

      He needs to go. He is ruining the magic of Disney. If he will definitely lose customers if he raises the price.

  5. Jamie

    I will cancel my subscription if it gets ridiculously high. He’s ruined the parks now he’s gonna ruin that too.

  6. D

    If the price goes up anymore we wiill be saying bye bye. Disappointing was Pinocchio and Little Mermaid doesnt look so hot. They are going to RUIN SNOW WHITE and the list goes on. More than half of the non Disney content is garbage.
    We love Disney but st this rate well be cutting Disney+ , not going down to WDW and considering selling every stitch of collectables hanging in my house.
    Paychek has ruined Disney for us, his money grubbing fingers and his insults towards superfans or those of us who purchase over priced stuff quite frankly is insulting. We thought about investing in DVC but not now. Thanks Bob.

    1. Scott Lee-Ross

      love when people make financial decisions based on emotions. Kinda shows their intellect. What exactly has Chakeck done to insult superfans? Charged you what the market will bear? That was what he is hired to do.

      1. Walt

        Which is NOT what Walt set out to do. I understand times change but just because you can does not mean you should. Stock the board with elites, hire CEO’s and pay them disgustingly excessive wages, and destroy the company. The American way? unfortunately it has become so.

      2. Drew

        Scott Lee, was Bob hired to drive the stock price down? From a high of $201.91 in Sept. 2021 to a low of $111.76 in Sept. of this year hasn’t helped the stockholders. So who is making decisions based on emotion? How much damage to the brand can Bob get away with? The true numbers will show after the 50th anniversary and when the flood of revenge travel ends. Charging more and getting less may be the Paycheck way but I doubt it will play in the long term.

  7. Harley

    I wouldn’t be able to afford paying yearly subscription anymore

  8. Walt

    Everyone piles on Chapek ad he deserves it but Iger began this decline and the board that oversees this is nothing but out of touch elites. I’ll say it again…. I’m done with Disney and their financial rape of the consumer…..and ther eis life after.

  9. WTH is wrong with that man. Disney is so overpriced the middle class can no longer go. He has destroyed Walt’s dream and may need a freaking brain scan!! I also will never forgive as millions of others for what they did to Johnny Depp!!’n

  10. And agree Pinocchio horrid and Little Mermaid looks just as horrid. Won’t be watching. Disney is no longer Disney just another filthy dirty theme park! Nothing special!

  11. Liz

    We don’t use streaming and wouldn’t pay for it anyway. We have stopped going to Disney since 2017 and won’t ever go back. There is no magic or fun there anymore, just higher prices and lower quality of food, merchandise, and rides breaking down and filth. No thanks we will vacation elsewhere! Chapek is a total disgrace!!!!

  12. Ro

    Even as a Florida resident I can’t afford to go to Disney. The last time I went was in 2001. I had to let go of my annual pass because it just wasn’t worth it anymore! It’s just ridiculous! The only reason I have Disney+ is for the Marvel content. I don’t need hulu, ESPN or any other crap. I had to drop hulu, netflix, amc+, etc., because I couldn’t afford them. If this dips*** raises prices on their streaming, I’ll have to drop them also! Everything has just gone to hell their. Disney Has Lost It’s MAGIC!! Get rid of Bob Chapek! Mr. $$$$

  13. Aloha

    With America clearly IN WIDESPREAD MULTIPLE inflation, border, energy , shortages CRISIS & SKY HIGH PRICES FOR EVERYTHING, how does idiot CHAPEK think everyone can afford HIGHER DISNEY + or HIGHER ANYTHING to further fatten his wallet ? It’s hardly the time to impose HIGHER PRICES for anything???? 🥴

  14. Concerned Mom

    We were excited for Disney+ being not too expensive. We dont want all the other items, just plan old Disney +. There is no reason to increase the price as families are still struggling and its one item that we can afford. As movies are not in budget with cost…….So Bob needs to think that not everyone has money to throw around

  15. Richard J

    Sad part is if Disney buys out Hulu, Hulu’s customers will not have a choice if they want to stay with Hulu. I’m sure the board members love him. Raising prices and cutting costs is what board members love. Stock holders also! getting too crazy for my liking….

  16. Mike

    I’m a dvc member for 22 yrs and since Bob has taken over I can’t even get a room that I want in the resorts you go on their dvc site to get a room everything is always on a wait list but if you go on Disney world .com site and look for a resort you can anything room you want because of it’s for cash so the way I’m looking at it forget the dvc member we want the cash customer I guess that’s what I get for spending $25,000 on points and paying $281.00 a month on annual dues you get sh** on and you get a lame excuse from customer service when call them why I can’t a room thanks Bob for taking my money and putting it in yours and the boards pocket poor Walt he got to be turning in his grave seeing what these people are doing to his vision he had for the people

    1. Rox

      Yes, annual passholders and dvc members are “undesirable”. They have our money already, so we no longer are relevant.

  17. sundogg

    The new generations of Disney guests will probably find everything to their liking. Star Wars, Guardians, Marvel etc. these are all things that came after the “Disney Generation” of Snow White, Song of the South, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and such. Disney is feeling foreign to our generation (the Disney Generation). Disney has changed around us, and like most generations we weren’t prepared to be ousted so uncerimoniously. Suddenly retirees are being priced out, not so much because it’s too expensive, but because we are unwilling to pay the high prices for things we aren’t familiar with, the value is no longer there for us. We are traditionalists and the Disney traditions are being erased, the Animation tour is gone, the Catastrophe Canyon, 20,000 leagues under the sea, the Osborne Lights, Soundstage, backlot tour, and so many more not to mention all the perks that we are now charged for. Yes, the value has evaporated, at least for the generation that was Disney. It’s now the bean counters counting genXrs and milennials.

  18. Carol

    He is single-handedly ruining Disney!

  19. Mipooh

    I am glad that we took our daughter when she was young several times to Disney World. We had a wonderful time when we did go. I will not go back now. I have had people tell me how much DW has lost its charm & the crowds are horrible. I wish they would realize that people will get tired of how things are looking, having to wait forever in !ine, terrible service, etc. Get rid of Bob & get someone in that understands w hat Walt envisioned DW.

  20. Jamie Coughlin

    I already have the bundle and don’t watch ESPN at all. They have very little classic content on Disney+, I only keep it for National Geographic. I watch some on Hulu but I’m already paying the max I am willing to. I already pay $200+ for Expanded Basic cable/internet plus Disney+ bundle, Discovery+, Paramount, Peacock, TVG, Horse & Country. Somethings going to have to go!

  21. Dozi Ace

    Yeah. Canceled Disney+ already. Not going to cry over loosing Hulu or ESPN+. Glad Chapek thinks there products are so worthy of demand. They ruined Star Wars (or at the least milked the brand and inundated the market to the to the point it isn’t even really special anymore) and Marvel has recieved similar treatment. I already own most of the stuff in one media format or another, so why keep it. I will miss the Fox stuff on Hulu but I am sure I can find a replacement. But, ultimately you have to love a guy that aims to raise prices in a recession to gain subscribers. Thanks to the Chapeks of the world, it want be long than Cable TV and the demand apps will be cheaper than all the streaming services. LoL.

  22. diana tollman

    Not letting you spontaneously move from park to park is a deal breaker for me. There is no more magic to the place anymore… That was my yearly vacation but I’m not going back unless it changes,there making Disney feel like going to work

  23. diana tollman

    There making the place like going to work,what park you going to when. Spontaneity and the magic of the place is gone for me

  24. ryan

    We can not stand Bob C. He makes the consumer pay the ultimate price, while his bonus gets bigger and bigger. He is a lot like the Chinese. We have been to Disney 16 times & we can’t afford Disney parks or cruise line any more thanks to Bob. We got rid of Disney+ a long time ago

  25. Anonymous

    I agree what he’s doing is terrible, however, it is bringing in more revenue. Even if they keep increasing park prices, people all over the world will still come.

  26. Mark

    Got Disney+when Pinocchio cane out got about quarter of the way though the movie turned it off have not looked at the channel since, and I paid a year for it

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