“Avengers Campus Is Overrated”: Guests Share Unpopular Disneyland Opinions

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A Guest recently polled Reddit users in search of some unpopular Disneyland opinions, and the responses did not disappoint. The thread quickly became a sounding board for Guests to bring some of their more obscure concerns to light.

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“I’ll start, and you’ll say it’s mean, but I think character photos should only be for kids and families,” Reddit user themrsfreeze wrote as they kicked off the virtual conversation. “Your turn…”

What is your unpopular Disneyland/DCA opinion? from Disneyland

This wasn’t the only unpopular opinion that plagued characters, as user doordonot19 commented that face characters rarely share the likeness they’ve been cast for, resulting in a “cheesy” look.

A surprising amount of responders found comfort in numbers as they shared their disdain for the Avengers Campus. Many called the land “overrated” and “disappointing,” with multiple commenters agreeing that they preferred the area in its previous state, when it was still A Bugs Land.

a bug's land at disney california adventure park
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Themed after Disney’s A Bugs Life (1998), A Bugs Land was closed back in September of 2018 to make way for the new superhero haven, which opened in 2021.

“Bugs Land at least felt cool and unique, Avenger’s Campus is just a handful of disjointed buildings,” user Kaldricus wrote.”Web Slingers is super meh, and Guardians doesn’t count towards it because it already existed.”

The next unpopular Guest opinion involves the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean ride. User Snoo_61913 posted they didn’t care for Jack Sparrow’s role in the attraction, favoring the earlier version of the ride that didn’t include him.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
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A commenter agreed, stating that while they enjoyed the movies, changing the ride to accommodate Jack Sparrow felt like overkill.

Next, a fan expressed their discontent with the Haunted Mansion changeover that works Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) into the attraction for the holidays. The seasonal takeover lasts from mid-September to early January, apparently to some fans’ disapproval.

disneyland haunted mansion anniversary
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Another user commented that they felt that Star Wars and Marvel have been “crammed down Guests’ throats” since Disney acquired them. One fan agreed, writing that the tactic gives the Parks a corporate feel with “random properties mashed in haphazardly without regard to the overall theme.”

Lastly, one Guest wrote that they wished the Parks would completely move away from bubble wands, with several commenters agreeing that the product should be enjoyed in less condensed areas.

These “unpopular opinions” and more can be found in the original Reddit post by clicking here.

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Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
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Home to the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland opened its gates for the first time in 1955. In the decades since, it has regaled millions of Guests with classic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, “it’s a small world,” The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and more, and with newer adventures like Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run found in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney California Adventure is the younger of the two parks having only opened in 2001, complete with Cars Land, the brand new Avengers Campus, and other celebrated attractions like Pixar Pal-A-Round, Goofy’s Sky School, Incredicoaster, and more.

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Do you have an “unpopular Disneyland opinion”? Tell us yours in the comments below. 

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