Guests Speak Out Regarding Things They Weren’t Prepared For at Disney World

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magic kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend

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Planning for a trip to the Parks can feel like a daunting task. Multiple sources list countless must-haves and endless Walt Disney World anecdotes in an effort to prepare travelers for what to expect during their vacation.

But no matter how prepared Guests might feel, they are almost guaranteed to face an unexpected scenario during their trip. One Reddit user recently asked viewers to list something they “were not prepared for in Walt Disney World,” and the responses have topped 500 comments and counting. Read on for some of the most unexpected experiences Guests shared.

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The Intensity of Rope Dropping

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Several commenters said they couldn’t believe how seriously Guests treated “rope dropping,” referring to the process of being the first in line before the park officially opens. “They will run you over with a stroller if they can,” user CommissionLoud added, while another user agreed that strollers filled with children are often used as “weapons” to secure their spot in line.

“Sick kids, everywhere”

magic kingdom crowd levels memorial day weekend
Credit: Inside the Magic

Commenters referred to the Make A Wish Foundation and their prevalence in the Parks when they agreed that seeing so many children with such difficult medical journeys was unexpected and humbling. “Nothing sobers you up faster than seeing a chair bound 8 year old on a portable vent, getting pushed around the park,” user NyxPetalSpike wrote.

EPCOT’s Size

Disney Epcot Mickey
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Guests agreed that EPCOT can be deceiving in terms of size. It may seem on the smaller side, but it covers a lot of ground with little shade. One user quipped that EPCOT in fact stands for the acronym Every Person Comes Out Tired, with hundreds upvoting the post in solidarity.

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How Immersive the Parks Are

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Where else can Guests find seashells embedded in concrete like those outside of Ariel’s Grotto, or game pieces the size of cars like those stacked in Toy Story Land? “Most amusement parks just have basic concrete and metal lines for rides,” Prestigious-Name-313 wrote. “At Disney, even the lines are themed.”

The Importance of Reservations

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Especially since the parks reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic forced closures around the world, reservations are required for most experiences to best predict and control crowd capacity. User Highfalutintodd listed some examples in their comment:

Dinner at the hotel? Reservation required. Dinner at a table service restaurant at a park? Reservation required. Want to build a lightsaber or have a drink at the cantina in Galaxy’s Edge? Reservation required. Want to ride the most popular rides without waiting in line for three hours (RotR)? Super extra special hard to get reservation required.

That “people have the spacial awareness of a potato”

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Dozens of commenters described instances where they’ve been run into by other Guests, calling it a common occurrence. “I get it, you need to check your phone for this or that,” user show_the_maw wrote. “I really understand, but can we make it to the side of the path before you E-Brake your double stroller while I’m just trying to get to Frozen?”


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With each step Guests take, it’s likely they’ll see several basking lizards scurry away to take cover. Commenters agreed the volume of lizards took them by surprise.

These and many more examples of the unexpected can be found in the original post on Reddit. 

What’s something YOU were not prepared for when visitng Walt Disney World? Comment your experience below!

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