Parent Outraged After Disney Vacation Advertisements Sent Home With First Grader

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Disney advertising is everywhere – on television, billboards, bus stops, and even your cereal box!

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But an Arizona parent recently found an advertisement where they least expected it: their child’s elementary school homework folder. u/scraffe posted to Reddit asking if any other parents had received Disneyland Resort marketing material from their children’s schools. They suggested that perhaps The Walt Disney Company wants to make up for Magic Key holders not renewing due to price increases by targeting nearby states:

We just got a pamphlet for Disneyland vacations sent home in our 1st grader’s folder. So apparently they are going to push their advertising through public schools in Arizona to try and increase their neighboring state visitors to offset the loss of revenue from pass holders not spending like the executives would like. I wonder if they are going to start moving most of their local advertising budget to other states in the coming years.

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Parents and teachers from states like Utah and Nevada chimed in, saying that local travel agencies regularly send magazines and pamphlets to elementary schools. The advertisements aren’t coming directly from Disneyland Resort but include Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure as possible destinations through the travel agencies. u/boodger wrote:

I know the exact one, I sent it home with my students today too.

They have given those out every single year for literally over 20 years now.

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u/rcdvg said that while they agreed that advertisements don’t have a place in elementary schools, framing it as a conspiracy theory to make up for lack of Magic Key holder spending was inaccurate:

I agree that’s messed up but I seriously doubt the actual point you are making. There are any number of reasons that could have happened, and it may have been in place already. There is absolutely no way that they went from discussing undesirable attendance to having the pamphlets in place in random Arizona schools.

I think we can agree that it is kind of messed up that it happened, but trying to claim that this is all part of trying to replace magic key holders or whatever is borderline conspiracy theory.

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u/eas28 teaches in Arizona and told the worried parent that the pamphlets were standard, but teachers are allowed to decide whether to send them home with students or not:

I have worked in AZ schools for 11 years and we have always received those quarter sheets from Get Away Today. Some teachers (myself included) chose not to send them home 🙂

It’s important to note that Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney Company have no influence on this marketing strategy, which comes from independent travel agencies.

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Do you think it’s appropriate for travel agencies to advertise to elementary school students? 

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