Marvel Shares Thrilling First Look at Landmark “Daredevil” Series

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Netflix's Daredevil

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It’s a Daredevil world and we are all just living in it — and after 650 issues, that’s certainly not unjustified. Marvel Comics has recently begun its new run of the “Daredevil” series, following the massive “Devil’s Reign” crossover event, and as the project heads towards its 650th publication, Marvel has released a thrilling new look at the landmark moment.

Daredevil screaming while fighting Kingpin
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Daredevil, or Matt Murdock (or, even Elektra Natchios), has been a staple part of the Marvel Universe since Stan Lee, Bill Everett, and Jack Kirby brought the character to life in “Daredevil #1” in 1964. As the character’s comic book run steams towards 700 issues, Daredevil continues to be a permanent feature in both Marvel Comics and on screen.

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As the previous run of “Daredevil” came to its end, comic book aficionados Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto — who began their Marvel Comics “Daredevil” tenure in 2019 — launched the miniseries, “Daredevil: Woman Without Fear”, which saw Elektra Natchios take up the mantle of Daredevil after Matt Murdock went to prison. Then, the duo proved Wilson Fisk to be one of Marvel’s most formidable villains when the Kingpin took on characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four.

Daredevil in Marvel Comics

Last month, Zdarsky and Checchetto returned with a new “Daredevil #1”, which Marvel said:

Fans can expect the series to tackle both Matt AND Elektra’s journeys as they deal with the brutal cost of taking on the Daredevil mantle. With new enemies and radical changes to the fabric of Daredevil’s mythos, DAREDEVIL #1 is set to usher in the darkest Hell’s Kitchen to date.

Marvel Comics Daredevil Matt Murdock and Kingpin Wilson Fisk
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Now, fans have a first look at “Daredevil #2” AKA the series’ 650th issue, which also sees the return of many past “Daredevil” contributors:

“…the most legendary artists from throughout Daredevil history, including Rafael DeLatorre, Alex Maleev, Paul Azaceta, Phil Noto, Chris Samnee, Klaus Janson, and Mike Hawthorne, will join Zdarsky and Checchetto in DAREDEVIL #2 for a giant-sized celebration to mark the milestone 650th issue of DAREDEVIL.”

"Daredevil #2" cover
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Zdarsky added:

“It’s not often that a comic gets to issue two these days, so… oh wait, it’s issue 650?! Well, in that case, I’m over the moon that we get to celebrate with so many legendary Daredevil creators! […] Daredevil is a title that has had so many amazing runs that it wouldn’t feel right to have an anniversary issue without inviting the people who made the book so special for so many years.”

This giant-sized 650th issue of “Daredevil” will hit stands on August 17, 2022.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil
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While Daredevil speeds into the future in the Marvel Universe, the live-action incarnation of the Man Without Fear is a little more complicated.

Ben Affleck, of course, brought Matt Murdock to the big screen alongside Jennifer Garner as Elektra in 2003’s Daredevil. Despite being widely panned, Daredevil spawned a spinoff with Garner returning as the dagger-wielding assassin in Elektra (2005). With both Marvel movies based on the Daredevil universe negatively received, it wouldn’t be until Netflix brought the character’s true grit to their Original streaming series, that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen would get his live-action justice.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil
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With Matt Murdock/Daredevil played by Charlie Cox, and a supporting cast made up of Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle/Punisher), Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk/Kingpin), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple), and Élodie Yung (Elektra Natchios), Daredevil ran for a successful three seasons before becoming defunct ahead of its transition back to The Walt Disney Company.

alaqua cox as echo, Hawkeye
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And after the Marvel Entertainment TV shows on Netflix — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders — moved to Disney+, speculation grew as to how Disney and Marvel Studios would potentially incorporate the characters and their respective universe into the already established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

D’Onofrio turned up in Hawkeye, and Cox made a brief cameo in Tom Holland’s (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) Spider-Man: No Way Home, and now we know that fans can expect to see both characters in the forthcoming Hawkeye spinoff, Echo, starring Alaqua Cox (Maya Lopez) in the title role, and Daredevil in a future soft reboot. Krysten Ritter also recently teased a mysterious return to her role as Jessica Jones.

It will be interesting to see how Disney will bring the characters into Kevin Feige’s MCU, and whether the darker tones of their Netflix origins will transcend streaming services, or if they will be reinvented.

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