Frustrated Fan Begs Disneyland Guests To “Be More Courteous,” Stop Spoiling Rides

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Mickey Mouse in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Many regular Disneyland Resort Guests might have forgotten what it’s like to step onto a ride without knowing what to expect! However, thousands of Guests have their first visit to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure every day.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park, Credit: ITM/Alex Lue

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One Disneyland fan is advocating for those first-time visitors, arguing that repeat Guests are ruining the experience. u/portlandmack took to Reddit to voice their complaints:

A bit of a rant… people, please be more courteous on rides. Stop with the flash/phones in everyone’s faces, the “here comes the drop!”, and other spoilers. I understand for some kids and teens it’s a bit inevitable, but there are grown adults acting so entitled it makes my blood boil.

We should be acting like it’s the first time on a ride for the other people riding with us. Don’t spoil it for them, or for the people who only get to go every few years (if that). Please, Disneyland will be better for it.

I’m talking about spoiling things! Flash on dark rides, LOUDLY spoiling the drop on ROTR, that sort of stuff. Not people, and certainly not kids, laughing and having fun.

Bill Watkins, who designed Space Mountain, takes one last ride on Wednesday, Feb. 7. 2018 at Disneyland in Anaheim. (Photo by Rob Sparacio, Disney Enterprises, Inc.)
Space Mountain at Disneyland Park, Credit: Disney

Many Disneyland fans agreed, with some saying that smartphones with flashes and social media have made it worse. u/snarkprovider wrote:

In olden times, people would use flashes in the ballroom on Haunted Mansion and in the Grand Canyon. As your eyes recovered, you’d at least have the satisfaction that they wouldn’t know their photo was worthless until they developed the film.

“Another example is people using their flashlight as they enter the tunnel in Indy,” u/liluzienthusiast wrote. “It’s supposed to be dark. That’s the point.”

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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u/East_Kaleidoscope995 said that not much bothers them except for camera flashes: 

The only thing that really bothers me on rides are people taking pictures with the flash. I’m trying to enjoy the ride, so please keep the lights off. The yelling and enjoying the ride? All good.

grizzly river run
Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure Park, Credit: Disney

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u/Millenial_Man had a different opinion, writing:

I’m tired of the people who talk loudly throughout the whole ride. I want to hear the ride not your commentary.

It’s essential to be respectful and follow Disneyland Resort’s rules while enjoying the Theme Parks.

Has a Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort ride ever been spoiled for you by another Guest? 

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