Guests Continue to Disregard Rules, Trespass All Over Disney Parks

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When visiting any of the Disney Parks, whether it’s Disneyland in Southern California, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, or any of the international Resorts like in Hong Kong or Shanghai, Guests are always in for an incredible experience.

(l-r) liv tyler, mickey mouse, and steven tyler with sleeping beauty castle at disneyland paris
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From exciting rides and thrilling attractions to incredible theming and delicious food, there is always something to enjoy when visiting Disney. A big part of what makes the experience so great is the insane attention to detail that Disney offers. All of the Disney Parks are famous for their intense theming and immersive details.

You may notice this with the incredibly-detailed buildings, some of which you cannot even access. It’s a dream of every Disney Park fan to find their way into an off-limits area just to see what it actually looks like inside. But Disney has rules for a reason and Guests are expected to follow them and stay out of areas they are not supposed to be in.

Recently, it seems like Disneyland Paris has been having a lot of issues keeping Guests from breaking rules in the Parks.

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris
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A compilation was created and shared on TikTok which shows dozens of Guests breaking the rules and climbing all over Disneyland Paris. See the video below shared by @_disney._stuff_:

Guests misbehaving at Disneyland Paris. Some cred dlpguestshow twit #disneylandparis #disneyland #castmember #disneyparks#disneytiktok #mickeymouse


Guests misbehaving at Disneyland Paris. Some cred dlpguestshow twit #disneylandparis #disneyland #castmember #disneyparks #disneytiktok #mickeymouse

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This is unfortunately just a few more examples of Guests running wild at Disneyland Paris, which we have covered in the past.

Of course, with the number of Guests that visit each of the Disney Parks and Resorts, it’s impossible to try and control every single one. But the fact that this is so common that an entire Twitter account was created to showcase Guests breaking the rules is quite unfortunate and disappointing.

Guests are always encouraged and instructed to remain in designated areas of the Park as this not only helps maintain the Park but keeps Guests safe as well. Failure to do so could have you removed from the Park.

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, offering Guests so much magic across Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village. Despite new shows like Disney D-light, the new drone pre-show to the Disney Illuminations fireworks and character cavalcade such as Dream… and Shine Brighter! in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, perhaps the most enticing aspect of the three-decade celebration is the opening of Disney Parks’ second Avengers Campus.

At Disneyland Paris, lots of changes are coming to Walt Disney Studios and their Disneyland Park, with the 30th anniversary. Walt Disney Studios is adding a massive addition that will include Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen, as well as their very own Avengers Campus, which will be the first section to open in the Park.

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