Fan Speaks Out Against Disney Park Rulebreakers: “Stop it!”

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Fan shows a video of Guests misbehaving at Disney and looks frustrated.

Earlier this week, we reported on a viral video showcasing Guests breaking the rules at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

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Credit: Disneyland Paris

Rulebreaking has become somewhat of a trend at Disney Parks, with Guests hoping to be the next viral star by doing the craziest thing they can think of. A recent disturbing trend even encourages Guests to dip their bare feet in Magic Kingdom ride water!

Now, a devoted Disney Parks fan is speaking out on TikTok. @csopranodiva shared the viral video with a response: 


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“Nope, nope. I’m done. Done. I’m done. Parents don’t care. Kids don’t care. People just don’t care. This is why we don’t have nice things,” the fan says in the video. “This is why we have more rules on top of the rules we already have, and y’all ain’t following none of that stuff. What’s the point?”

minnie donald goofy and mickey mouse at spaceship earth epcot
Credit: Disney

She continues, pleading with Guests to follow the rules and not ruin the fun for other Disney Parks Guests:

“Ugh. It’s like y’all don’t read the fine print anymore. Why is it so hard to follow the rules? Somebody, please explain this to me. I’m going to say it again. Hopefully, y’all hear me from around the world. Stop it!”

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Credit: Disney

In the comments, the fan referenced the recent social media trend of bashing so-called “Disney Adults” by saying:

“They aren’t the real Disney Adults.” 

More on Disney Park Rules

disneyland cast member with sleeping beauty castle
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Disneyland Paris have lengthy rules that Guests agree to when entering the Disney Parks and Resorts. All Guests are subject to bag checks, metal detectors, and a dress code. Prohibited activities at Disney include, but are not limited to:

  • The sale of goods or services, or the display of goods or services, unless prior written approval has been obtained.
  • The distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind unless prior written approval has been obtained.
  • Engaging with other Guests or impeding operations while posing as or portraying any character in costume.
  • Engaging in any unsafe act or other act that may impede the operation of the Walt Disney World Resort or any part thereof.
  • Unauthorized access or entry into backstage areas or areas designated only for Cast Members.
  • Unauthorized events, speeches, or use of any flag, banner, sign or other material for commercial purposes, or as part of a demonstration.
  • Photography, videotaping or recording of any kind, or otherwise engaging in any activity, for unapproved commercial purposes.
  • Unauthorized solicitations of any kind, whether commercial, religious, educational or otherwise, or conducting any unauthorized commercial activities, including solicitations of money or other contributions or donations.
  • Obstructing sidewalks, entrances, driveways, patios, vestibules, stairways, corridors, halls or landings.
  • Hanging any clothing, towels, bedding or other similar items over or on balconies at a Disney Resort hotel or from fire suppression sprinklers.
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Credit: Disney

It’s essential to follow all rules at the Disney Parks and Resorts to ensure your safety and the safety of other Guests and Cast Members. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Parks operations.

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