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Fan shows a video of Guests misbehaving at Disney and looks frustrated.


  1. Critical

    It’s a mix of having no repercussions and people being tired of arbitrary rules after 2 years of medical tyranny. People in general have lost much of their respect for authority and I’m not sure if that’s really that bad. I’m more worried about rule breakers that directly impacts others, like line cutters, which Disney consistently does nothing about.

    1. Ron

      Medical tyranny….

      “When you just want grandma to get sick and die but don’t really want to come out and say it.”

      1. Ron the Unwise

        I want to live my life without my Constitutional and human rights being trampled by unelected frauds pushing quackery.

        1. You dont know me

          Username checks out.

  2. Cyndi

    I agree! It’s a major reason why I haven’t been to Disney yet this year. I’m so tired of rule-breaking and not being held accountable. Cast members are trying, but security needs to be tougher on bans. Line cutters need to be moved to the back of the line!

    1. You dont know me

      To the back of the entrance line.

  3. If people can not follow the rules they should be kicked out no refund. And not let back in. What would happen if another guest walked up to some one breaking the rules and asked the to just STOP. It’s other people that ruin the nice things for other people.

  4. Mickeymouse3

    Until Disney decides to take action on this behavior, it will continue. Any rule breakers should be reported to Disney directly. Maybe penny-pinching paycheck will take some responsibility and stop this. I’m not holding my breath tho. Paycheck does not care as long as he can make a buck or 2 out of it. Prove me wrong bob. Prove me wrong.

  5. Sen

    It’s social media & that damn TikTok.. coz like you said some idiots out there “tryin” to be the next viral thing.. and how do these people “try” to get viral by trying to post these ridiculous and dangerous acts on social media because of some lame ass “social media challenge”… Challenge this.. challenge that.. corruptin the minds.. it’s a shame 😞

    1. Deb

      100% agree with this,I hate these wanna be famous idiots,go out enjoy ya self keep of media live in the real world

  6. Mike

    Want to catch people’s attention????

  7. AH

    Back when WDW banned selfi sticks, I reported to Disney security a couple that was using one. The security guard looked at me like I had crawled out from under a rock and walked away. From that point on I have never had any interaction with them once through the security checkpoint to enter the park.

  8. Break a rule, get kicked out for life!! Simple as that. Maybe then the next person will think about that before breaking rules. There are enough people out there that will gladly follow rules and would love to get tickets to the parks.

  9. Stop noticing

    Good point.

    Some kid in a fountain vs. the line cutters and gang warfare.

  10. F

    The behavior at the Big D has nothing to do with gov’t tyranny or plandemics. This country survived actual pandemics before. Spanish flu more than 20 million dead, Tuberculosis (the white plague) in which people were forcibly put into sanitoriums against their will and millions dead, Polio (making a come back), Rheumatic Fever, Yellow Fever, etc., etc.
    The problems in this country, the behavioral problems goes far deeper. There are NO MORALS, NO GOD, NO LAW (which makes ALL people equal under the law, i.e., murder except self defense, is prosecuted to the max whatever your background, childhood, race or financial status, punishments are not negotiable), NO REPRECUSSION IN THIS LIFE, NO RELIGION (EXCEPT GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED RELIGIONS OF LEFTIST NONSENSE, i.e., CLIMATE, TRANS, ALPHABET PEOPLE, SOCIALISM, ANARCHY, IS their religion). EVERYONE Believes they ARE ENTITLED TO SPECIAL TREATMENT, they believe THEY ARE SPECIAL for merely existing and NOT JUST TO THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS but to the entire world, THEY BELIEVE that what THEY think, feel, or imagine at any given moment is correct, factual, good or even relevent. ITS EGOism, ITS ME-ISM ON STEROIDS, ITS ALL ABOUT THE SELF NOT ABOUT SOCIETY. YOU WANT IT TO CHANGE? You want it to stop? You know what has to be done to do it. You don’t want to, it’s too hard, it’s not fun, so you won’t. THAT is the problem.

    1. Elizabeth

      Don’t blame others who didn’t break the rules.

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