Concerned Guests Consider Canceling Season Pass After Violent Altercations at California Theme Park

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Family at Knott's Berry Farm California Marketplace outside the theme park

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Following a series of violent altercations that took place over the weekend at a massive California theme park, several concerned Guests are considering canceling their season passes.

Inside the Magic recently reported that the California theme park Knott’s Berry Farm was shut down early on Saturday after multiple fights and potential gunfire. There were numerous reports of violence, fights, rioting, and even gunfire at the Park, causing Guests to run in terror to exit the Park, concerned for their safety.

Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

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Following these reports, Knott’s Berry Farm released a statement on the incident, which reads:

The safety of Knott’s Berry Farm Guests and Associates is always our top priority. On Saturday evening, the decision was made to close the Park 3 hours early due to unruly behavior and altercations involving a number of teenagers. This behavior did not align with our Park’s values, and was not the experience we want any Guest to have while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm.

Following these unpleasant events, concerned Guests are now considering canceling their season passes to the Park, as they no longer feel comfortable visiting Knott’s Berry Farm.

HangTime at Knott's Berry Farm
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Redditor u/zislas recently made a post stating the following:

In light of what has happened, has anyone tried to cancel their pass?? The last time we went it was pretty bad, there were unaccompanied children cutting lines, being rude to others (in general), and the whole environment felt more like a school field trip without adults. The kids that roam there are really something else. After seeing the video footage going around of the brawls that broke out last night, we have decided to no longer go and also try to cancel our passes. The last time we went security wasn’t checking bags either, and we actually heard one of them say “keep on moving, I don’t get paid enough to care anyway” (obviously in a joking matter, but considering what’s happened- it’s not safe).

We don’t want to risk going back and something happening.

Has anyone been able to cancel their passes? Or would the better route be to let my bank know and to stop charges with Knotts?

The post received mixed reactions, from Guests who share the original poster’s concerns and are also considering canceling or stop renewing their passes to those who commented they would continue to go to the Park and are even willing to pay for more expensive tickets if that implies better security and experience when visiting.

A family at Knott's Berry Farm California Marketplace
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

We have reported on several different cases of disruptive behavior at Knott’s Berry Farm, from Guests cutting lines at several rides, causing the Park to enforce more strict measures against this activity, to recent incidents of Guests sharing inappropriate images and videos via AirDrop, causing discomfort and concern among Guests.

Since the unfortunate events this weekend, Knott’s Berry Farm has been open and operating under normal conditions.

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When visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, Guests can feel the thrill of attractions like GhostRider, HangTime, Jaguar!, La Revolucion, Montezooma’s Revenge, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder, Silver Bullet, Sol Spin, Supreme Scream, Timber Mountain Log Ride, Xcelerator The Ride, and the Calico River Rapids have to offer.

Ghostrider at Knott's berry farm
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And if Guests are visiting with small kids or aren’t crazy about thrills, they can also have a great day at the Park, as they can interact with the Peanuts Gang at Camp Snoopy or ride some of the more family-friendly attractions. Some examples of these last are Balloon Race, Calico Mine Ride, Calico Railroad, Camp Bus, Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer, Dragon Swing, Flying Ace, Grand Sierra Railroad, Hat Dance, High Sierra Ferris Wheel, Huff and Puff, Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair, Linus Launcher, Merry Go Round, Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies and Woodstock’s Airmail.

Charlie Brown Snoopy and Sally with Teenagers
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in Knott's Berry Farm

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