Fans Are “Depressed” After Disney Removes Iconic Feature From Park

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Fans recently discussed how they felt about a legendary part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
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The Walt Disney World Resort has a lot to offer when it comes to rides and attractions. Guests could spend multiple days at Magic Kingdom alone with the number of things there are to do at the Park. From Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Main Street U.S.A., and Liberty Square, Guests have so many lands to visit when they spend their day at Magic Kingdom.

But perhaps the most popular land in Magic Kingdom is Tomorrowland, a land dedicated to the future and technology and one that is present in multiple Disney Resorts.

WDW Space Mountain
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At Tomorrowland, Guests can experience some of the most iconic and historic attractions in the entire Disney Park collection. Firstly, there is the legendary Carousel of Progress, a Walt Disney original that takes Guests through the history of technology and, well, progress!

Secondly, there is the amazing Space Mountain, a ride that despite residing in multiple Disney Parks across the world, was first conceived in Orlando, Florida. Though Disneyland may have most of the “originals”, Magic Kingdom’s version was the first to ever open.

Tomorrowland also has the only-remaining Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover. This attraction lets Guests “Embark on a 10-minute tour of Tomorrowland aboard this mass transit system of the future.” While Disneyland had this attraction for a while, it was unfortunately closed and turned into a different ride, but that’s a whole other story

guests on space mountain at disney world
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While all of these rides, attractions, and experiences are incredibly fun, one problem has plagued Tomorrowland in all Disney Parks since its original opening. The problem with “the future” is that we’re always advancing, meaning that certain technology can become outdated very fast.

A great example of this is the somewhat bizarre inclusion of the Tomorrowland Speedway in the land, as it is no longer advanced or even innovative. To deal with this issue, Tomorrowland has seen many updates and changes since opening in an attempt to make the land feel futuristic no matter when you visit.

The most recent change involved a color-pallet swap as well as a new sign. This was the point of discussion in one social media post, with fans not too happy about the change.

Anybody else miss the old tomorrow land entrance?

Anybody else miss the old tomorrow land entrance? from WaltDisneyWorld

The replies to this post ranged from expressions of sadness to full-on disappointment. One user said, “Oh that is depressing. I would love to know who thought that was better.” Another said, “I do! I miss the whole Tomorrowland design from this era, it’s still around in parts, but the new design theme is just kinda boring”

One user said, “It wasn’t my favorite, but the current entrance is incredibly underwhelming. Would take this back in a heartbeat.”

Disney Tron ride vehicle
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Tomorrowland is still trying to find its identity but hopefully, with the release of the upcoming TRON roller coaster, the land will feel more complete than it has in recent times. The attraction will be an incredible experience and Walt Disney World’s newest roller coaster after Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Based on the popular film franchise of the same name, TRON Lightcycle Run in Orlando will be heavily influenced by the TRON Lightcycle Power Run coaster at Shanghai Disneyland. This ride is officially described as:

Experience high-speed thrills and chills as the Grid comes alive in a heart-pounding race for survival. Created as a friendly way for “Programs” and “Users” to interact, the Power Run pits team against team in the quintessential quest to capture 8 Energy Gates and triumph over opponents.

Prepare for digitization after entering the portal—this is your access into the energy, lights and excitement of TRON’s high-tech universe. As you leave the real world behind, you’ll proceed to the games as a member of Team Blue, ready to compete against some of the Grid’s most menacing Programs.

Are you excited about the new TRON coaster?

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