Disney World Raises Food Prices, Cuts Menu Items

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At Walt Disney World, Guests will find a near-limitless supply of delicious meals, tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages at their disposal. Whether you’re at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdon, each of the four parks has something unique to offer when Guests get hungry.

This is especially true at EPCOT, which features some amazing culinary choices from multiple different cultures and countries.

Germany in World Showcase
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When visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase, Guests have 11 different pavilions to choose from, all of which have their own unique dining destinations. However, Guests traveling to Japan (in EPCOT) will notice a few changes to the menu at Teppan Edo.

Firstly, the spicy calamari appetizer is now gone and has been replaced with assorted tempura which is $17. A lot of sushi rolls have also increased in price by $1. All entrées have increased in price too including the filet mignon ($38 to $46), NY cut steak ($34 to $40), Tori ($30 to $32), and Yasai ($24 to $26).

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The option of Tsukiji is now completely gone from the menu as well. Wagyu strip went from $79 to $100, Hotate went from $24 to $31. This is far from the first restaurant to receive a price increase within the last two years at the Walt Disney World Resort, and will definitely not be the last.

Coral Reef, Another EPCOT restaurant, recently cut some items from its menu as well as raised prices.

Even Disney CFO Christine McCarthy said that cutting food portion sizes would be “good for people’s waistlines” so we are sure we can expect some more changes in the future.

More on Teppan Edo

A Feast for the Senses

Celebrate authentic Japanese cuisine during an exciting dining experience that’s part meal, part show. In the communal ritual of Teppan-yaki-style cooking, skillful chefs chop and stir-fry dishes on grills at your table.

Select from steak, chicken, seafood and vegetable entrées, which are served with Udon noodles and steamed rice. You can also enjoy such favorites as edamame and assorted sushi rolls.

Guests 21 years of age and over can pair their meal with Japanese beer, wine, hot or cold sake and even a sake cocktail.

What’s your favorite restaurant at EPCOT?

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