OUT NOW: MagicBand+ Debuts at Disney Springs

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Editor’s note: Shortly after the MagicBand+ was released at Disney Springs, Disney pulled the items from sale. You can read more about the revocation here: Disney Pulls New MagicBands From Stores After Accidental Early Release 


MagicBand+ has finally made its debut at Disney World. You can grab the newest iteration of the multifunction item & interact with the Parks! We’ve been waiting for a while for these Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration items to appear on store shelves, and the day has finally come!

OUT NOW: MagicBand+ Debuts at Disney Springs

MagicBand+ MagicBand 2
Credit: MinnieMariaMouse

Hooray! MagicBand+ has finally come out. Guests have started enjoying these Disney MagicBand devices today, at World of Disney, where they are for sale. Price points displayed on the rack include color codes for the boxes, with “Color” at $19.99, “Bronze” at $29.99, and “Amethyst” at $34.99. We’re thinking that as more designs and detailed options appear, these MagicBand+ looks may vary in price.

These bands don’t look to have appeared at the Disney World Resorts yet, but we expect them to be spotted at the Magic Kingdom emporium soon, and it’s one of the more cohesive and well-sized merchandise stores around, outside of the World of Disney.

Disney MagicBand plus
Credit: Disney

Minnie Maria Mouse was on hand today at World of Disney at Disney Springs, where the new MagicBand+ hit the shelves. We didn’t see these at Disney’s Hollywood Studios yet, where we were enjoying Dapper Day. Maria’s video covers the three colors of bands on the racks, including red, navy blue, and black. Disney has proposed prints and character items for the newest MagicBand, which we will most likely see soon. Her video is captioned with the same audio spoken over the short clip:

Breaking Disney News: The new MagicBand+ is arrived and now allows you super cool interactive elements when scanned at special touchpoints like character statues. Become a bounty hunter in Galaxy’s Edge! And they even light up during the fireworks! What do you think of these? 

magicband 2
Credit: MinnieMariaMouse

Which color will you choose? Keep in mind that these bands have a charging port on the back to keep primed for all your fun at the Walt Disney World Resort parks, so it may have a longer life than the current “MagicBand 2” sets.

colors of MagicBand+ at Disney Springs
Credit: MinnieMariaMouse

With a MagicBand+, you will be able to immerse yourself further into Disney stories and experiences using the exciting new features of MagicBand+, including:

  • Customizable color-changing lights
  • Haptic vibrations let you feel the magic with light vibrations that bring experiences to life
  • Gesture recognition-your movement enables magical surprises!
  • Connect to your Disney Experience app and Disney account
  • Enter theme and water parks (with a valid Park ticket), Check in at Lightning Lane and virtual queue entrances, connect Disney PhotoPass images, Unlock the door of your Disney Resort hotel room with the room key function, and charge food and merchandise purchases to your Disney Resort hotel room.
Disney magicband plus
Credit: Disney

Will you be purchasing these MagicBand+ items for your Disney vacation soon? Leave us a comment with what characters or prints you hope to see!

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