Disney Guest “Dumps $20 Drink” Into Trash Can For TikTok Video

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lapu lapu drink dumped

TikTok has quickly become the latest social media phenomenon and remains one of the fastest apps growing in the world. In a recent event, one Disney World Guest “dumped” a “$20 drink” straight into the garbage as part of a TikTok trend.

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The Lapu Lapu is the only drink served at Disney World in a pineapple! It can be found at Tambu Lounge and consists of a blend of Myer’s Original Dark Rum and tropical fruit juices and is topped off with more rum. The drink costs $19.00 before tax.

The Kingdom Krew on TikTik decided to use the pineapple from the Lapu Lapu, and fill it with water and ice so that they could pretend to dump the Lapu Lapu drink into the trash as part of the TikTok trend, #nextmovechallenge — good one!

You can see the video below.

We are so glad to hear that The Kingdom Krew did not waste the Lapu Lapu drink (that would have been a real tragedy!) and instead, used water and ice to make it look like the Lapu Lapu. Keep the challenges coming, The Kingdom Krew!

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We have seen other Disney World Guests do unexpected activities for TikTok, which were not as lighthearted — including jumping out of a moving vehicle on Living With the Land in an attempt to steal a cucumber. Please remember, Disney has strict rules and regulations in place to protect Guests, Cast Members, and the integrity of their parks.

Of course, jumping out of a moving attraction after being told to stay seated is extremely unsafe and a violation of the rules at Walt Disney World. Another rule indicates that stealing is also prohibited, which is another rule this Guest attempted to break. Depending on the scenario, a Guest can be removed from the park and even receive a lifetime ban for breaking the rules such as these.

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Credit: Disney

What do you think of this video? Do you think it was a waste or do you think it was worth it for the TikTok video? Let us know in the comments below.

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