DC In Major Trouble, Warner Bros. Searches For “New Kevin Feige”

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Kevin Feige talking with RDJ and Mark Ruffalo

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DC may be starting to learn from its mistakes as Warner Bros. may begin overhauling its cinematic universe to be more like the MCU.

Jeffrey Wright as Captain Gordon (left) and Robert Pattinson as the Batman (right)
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Fans haven’t been happy with how DC has handled their movies for the past few years. After Joss Whedon’s Justice League (2017), fans were furious with how the movie handled a lot of the beloved characters. After several interviews with the actors, fans realized that the real problem was not with the directors, but with Warner Brothers.

Warner Bros. is known to micromanage all of its movies, but the company never tried to change things in order to make a coherent interconnected universe. Instead, they focused on making sure the movies being made would make the most money and this led to Justice League flopping at the box office. Part of the reason is that DC backtracked from Zack Snyder’s vision — now referred to as the “Snyder-verse” —  which would’ve led to several spin-offs and a few more Justice League movies.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg (far left), Ezra Miller as Flash (left), Ben Affleck as Batman (left middle), Henry Cavill as Superman (right middle), Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (right), and Jason Momoa as Aquaman (far right)
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Some people weren’t on board with Zack Snyder’s plan, but the current roadmap for the DCEU has led fans to agree that DC has fallen off the tracks. Sure, there have been great DC movies in the past few years such as Zachary Levi’s Shazam (2019), Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (2018), James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021) Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (2019), and of course, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman (2022) are great examples that DC can pull off making good super hero movies. The problem is that Joker and The Batman are already set in their own individual universe. Then Shazam, The Suicide Squad, and Aquaman are interconnected, but fans don’t really understand how.

Of course, it’s clear that the movies are set in the same universe due to characters referencing other movies, but unlike the MCU, the DCEU doesn’t have a clear vision of what the movies are leading to. Marvel always had a general idea even if Kevin Feige didn’t have a clear vision of what was going to happen. Now, Warner Bros. has gone through a $43 billion merger with Discovery which has led the company to reevaluate its success with DC Entertainment.

jason momoa aquaman shirtless
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This has led the company to decide that an overhaul needs to happen. Variety reported that DC is planning to hire someone to act like their own “Kevin Feige” as an overseeing producer to make the future DC movies all fit in a coherent interconnected universe. DC also is unhappy with how Superman has been left to languish on the sidelines and they feel that the character has to be revitalized. While the company does believe that DC has a lot of potential for success, they believe that the current state of the DCEU is a disaster.

Movies like The Suicide Squad have done a great job bringing obscure characters to the big screen and letting a lot of fans know who certain characters are. The Batman already has two spinoffs planned and there is more focus going towards making DC shows for HBO Max as a way to make their streaming service more desirable especially since Disney+ continues to release Star Wars and Marvel content.

suicide squad 2021
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While this is a good start, this isn’t the first time DC has planned to reboot its universe. It feels like DC is too far behind to catch up with Marvel’s stride with movies and series, but this can all change if they get the right people involved. At the moment, Henry Cavill’s Superman was last seen in Justice League but has been mentioned like ten times since then. DC has had to delay some movies due to VFX work, but even Ezra Miller’s Flash (2023) may be put on hold indefinitely as the company decides what to do with the actor after his recent altercation with a couple in Hawaii.

Hopefully, fans can expect better days for the DCEU, but until then it seems that Marvel will continue to dominate the super hero world as they explore the Multiverse and continue to deliver spectacular movies.

Do you think DC movies will be better in the future? Do you want DC to be more like the MCU? Let us know what you think!

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