Guests Claim Disney Is “Secretly” Adding Charges To Their Bill

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While a trip to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” should be fun, exciting, and magical, sometimes it can be difficult to plan and stressful. Perhaps the biggest complaint people have with Walt Disney World right now is how expensive it can be to visit. From hotels to Park tickets and restaurants, a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort can be quite pricey.

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Sometimes, however, Guests’ trips can get even more expensive without them realizing it. It is becoming more apparent that Disney may add a charge to your bill that may not always make sense. A recent Reddit thread highlighted this issue. See the full post from u/ silentsnipe21below:

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Heads up for online check-in

I just checked out today and they charged me $15 a day to park. As I took Mears I didn’t have a car. I went to the front desk and they took it off. She said that it’s automatically added if you do online check in and arn’t on magical express. I reminded her that doesn’t exist anymore but she just said “yep”. So read your bills carefully at the end. That was $75 they charged me for nothing.

Heads up for online check in from WaltDisneyWorld

A swarm of other users shared their same experiences with these “mystery” charges. User u/WirtThePegLeggedBy commented:

“She just said ‘yep'” — That’s the sound of an employee who knows very much about the BS, wishes they had the power to correct the BS, but can only sit at the front desk, helpless, and witness the BS.

User u/SkyYellow_SunBlue said the same thing happened to them:

Just happed to us this morning – $125 to park at Jambo house and we took Mears as well. Asked if there was any way to take care of that in advance and they said only if we add the transport options available through Disney when we do the package.

User u/77thHorcrux also said they had a mysterious charge on their bill:

I have a $529 mystery charge from them. No parking. Paid in full months ago. Magic band charges are all separate.. Haven’t heard back from customer support.

User u/nameisinusetryagain commented:

They sneak stuff like this into the vacation packages too. They won’t give an itemized/ detailed bill.

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It is always important to double-check all your bills after a Disney vacation to ensure that you are accurately billed. While unfortunate, this does happen fairly often and Disney will add on charges to your overall bill during your stay. Some at Inside the Magic have encountered this as well, as it seems Disney may sometimes assume that you drove and parked overnight. After speaking with Cast Members, we were quickly able to have this rectified.

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Mystery charges aside, many Guests are starting to think that Disneyland and Walt Disney World are too expensive. From the smaller portion sizes to increased prices throughout the Parks, a typical Disney vacation seems to be getting more and more costly. Lots of Guests are simply saying that Disney is starting to “price them out” and that they won’t return in the future. Many have also been heavily critical of the insanely expensive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser opening up this March.

Starcruiser Dining Hall

The three-night immersive experience will set you back around $5,000, which doesn’t include any drinks or a Park ticket to Hollywood Studios which Guests will be taking trips to throughout their stay so they can experience all of the attractions within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Have you ever received a mystery charge when at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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