Pricing Increases For Select Disney Attractions Through Paid FastPass System

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In July 2021, Disneyland Paris announced that it would be retiring its free FastPass system and, instead, implementing a new paid system called Premier Access.

Now, months after Premier Access officially launched at the Park, pricing is increasing for select attractions on peak days.

Disneyland Paris premier access
Credit: Disneyland Paris

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Previously, we reported that this new system is charging Guests anywhere from €8-€15, which is around $9-$18, per ride at the theme Park. Now, however, it seems that the price has increased and can now cost Guests up to €18 rather than €15.

According to DLP Report, on peak days, select attractions, including Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, can now cost €18, which is approximately $20 USD. They Tweeted:

Premier Access prices are now going up to €18 for some Attractions on peak days like today:

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When Premier Access first launched, Disney did state that the pricing would vary depending on popularity. For example, more popular and E-ticket attractions may cost more than those rides that do not typically have a long line or such high demand. They also stated that the prices for each attraction may change depending on the time of year. For example, if you visit Disneyland Paris during the peak seasons, Premier Access may cost more.

Disneyland Paris premier access on phone
Credit: Disneyland Paris

The Disneyland Paris website currently states:

From 5 August, turbo-charge your day with Disney Premier Access!

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With Disney Premier Access under the bonnet, you’ll fill up your day with even more smiles per hour!

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How do you feel about the price increase for select attractions at Disneyland Paris? Let us know in the comments below.

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