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  1. Tricia

    I think it’s really sad!!! Gouging your patrons , when all they want is to experience Disney with their families. I guess Disney is just for the extremely rich people! Too bad Walt as a child would never have been able to afford his own parks!

  2. D

    Why are people having to pay for Disneys failure in providing enough rides, attractions or reducing capacity to handle the amount of people, Walt would turn in his grave at the practice going on, you pay enough to get in there, enough is enough. 👎🏻🙁

    1. Walt Disney wanted his park to be available to all at prices they could afford. The current CEO, Bob Chapek, is solely interested in shareholder returns at the expense of us guests. He will continue to raise prices as far as possible until we guests rebel and boycott WDW.

      1. Pocho Villa

        I don’t understand all this hate towards Bob Chapek. Any program, rides and events for a Disney Park is planned years in advance. Bob Iger purchased Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, launched Disney Plus, and built two extremely expense Galaxy’s Edge. They have not recouped their investments, another words these are loan debts they owe to the banks. Plus some parks were closed for a substancly long time like Disneyland in America. They continue to lie at their investors meeting because they keep shuffling money around to other department who don’t make a profit such as using Hulu profit to sustain Disney Plus’ loses.

        I don’t want to pay such high prices premiere access to rides but that’s what they have to do to recoup their costs.

        1. MannyManny

          Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. Instead of waxing poetic about Walt’s dream people need to realize that stock holder equity is the only thing that matters. As soon as they start statistically banding to gather to destroy this business model nothing will change. Causing bad quarterly reports will go a lot farther than talking about Walt’s dream.

        2. J.Herring

          Every Company was impacted by Covid-19, but many Companies have not resorted to ripping off their customers. I also do not believe Disney planned initially to charge extra for rides you had already paid to ride on the gate. You can see where many new rides, changed their newly installed Fastpass signs to the Lightning Lanes. Bob Paycheck (The Bean Counter) sort a way to cash grab more and more. There are so many things that Disney are doing to take more money from its customer base and use Covid as an excuse. Such as not changing sheets in your hotel for over 910 days on a stay, they charge so much for Shame on you Disney. Nickle and Dime GREEDY CEO Bob Paycheck what a piece of work – Not Good.

          1. J.Herring

            sorry that sould have said 9 to 10 days. Also when Disney’s customers stop coming that will also hit their Greedy Business Plan, but at that point its too late.

  3. John Zimmerman

    I can afford to go to the parks but have decided that bang for the buck is nonexistent. During peak times $72 for a family of four to skip the line on one ride. Our 6 night 7 day trip has gone up by ove 300%. We as a family have decided travel the world for real. We can go to Italy, Hawaii ect. cheaper than going to Disney. This way my children get to a real world experience as opposed to seeing a view of the world through what Disney thinks it is. I implore other families to do the same.

  4. Mark B

    I have posted on these boards many times, and unfortunately, all I have left is “What a shame”. Disney was always a place where you could go to get a feeling of good will and escape from all of the hassles and pressures of the “real world”. Not any more. Rising ticket prices and now having to PAY for fastpasses and EVEN MORE for additional single rides??? This is no longer the “Wonderful World of Disney” that people of my generation grew up with, and “Uncle Walt” would never have let this happen to his place where “families” were prized and revered. FIRE BOB CHAPEK!!

  5. Jones

    If everybody just boycottet this, it would be gone in an instant… I could easily afford whatever they are asking – but I am not going to give my money to a company that has no respect for its customers (guests, they call them… ridiculous…)
    The justified feeling that you are being ripped off – it just takes away all the fun, and thus it makes no sense to visit Disney parks anymore. It used to be the other way round, even during Eisners first 10 years – Disney was never cheap, but i always felt that I get a lot for my money. Chapek does not like the fact that he is seen as a beancounter… Here´s news for you, Bob: “Beancounter” is nowhere near what people are really thinking about you…

  6. RoC

    My days of going to Disney are done. My wife and I traveled 4600 miles by car over 2 weeks and spent around 2000 dollars. We dont require luxury or fancy meals, so having meals out of our cooler was just fine. We stopped at many roadside attractions, went off the beaten path and learned about small towns along the way and with our 80 dollar annual national park pass we were able to visit many of the more obscure national parks. We did enjoy the many times we went to WDW, but I just cannot see spending the amount of money it takes to enter just to stand in a line.

  7. Joan Marco

    I too think what’s happening now is a shame and honestly not fair to the children of the families who just can’t afford to do everything they want at the parks. As a parent if I had to say to my child “I’m sorry we can’t do that it’s just too expensive” over and over again, I would feel like I was disappointing my children but how much in debt should I go to be able to say “yes” all the time. Before all of these changes it was already financially difficult for so many. It will no longer be the magical place it should be. True Disney is finally paying cast a little more. My daughter had been working at attractions at 3 if they 4 parks since 2006 and is finally making a few cents more than $15 an hour (but never gets 40 hours a week, usually only 36) but at the expense of the guests. She’s always been a “lifer” and I don’t think that will change but with these new expenses for guests anything is possible.

  8. William Wells

    This is exactly what happens when the bean counters are running the show. It has gotten so bad that it is no longer Disney, or at least not in the spirit of Disney. Chapek needs to be fired and replaced with someone who understands what Disney is about. They are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  9. Joann Hoeth

    There are so many more things to do for vacations. I think WDW is getting out of our price range. If you haven’t visited in a few years, experiencing the new rides is logical. If you need to pay so much more to experience them, then forget it. It seems like you aren’t worthy of some of the experiences unless you pay more. Not fair.

  10. Cathleen Carpenter

    I think it borders on disgusting. The price you pay to walk through the front gates is high, and then to be charging like this. Stop! Corporate greed at its best. FYI just because other parks do this doesn’t mean Disney needs to. Always felt I was getting my monies worth at Disney. Now, not so much.

  11. Heath Bosse

    I hope this piece of garbage Chapek gets fired really soon and I wish Disney nothing but bad karma until he does!!

  12. Duffy

    I know it will never happen but if EVERYONE stopped going for one month we would see prices cut in half so fast(pass).

    1. Rebecca

      The problem is that even if you are willing to pay extra for a fast pass, you can’t get it unless you are a resort guest. Went a week ago, was going to pay extra per person for Rise of the Resistance…told on the app we could not purchase from 7am-9pm unless we were resort guests. At 9am, told on app no longer available. You can’t do anything unless you stay on property.

  13. Andrea Conti

    It’s a disgrace what bob is doing to Walt’s image. The parks were built for all families to enjoy not just rich people. That is why I will be selling my time share and keep my yearly pass with Universal. They know how to treat families. Fire Bob now or Disney will become a ghost park.

  14. The lesson here is, never put your dream into someone else’s hands because they’ll ba$tardize. Sorry Walt.

  15. Denise

    Just another reason, added to the rest, to not go to Disney anymore.

  16. J.Herring

    sorry that sould have said 9 to 10 days. Also when Disney’s customers stop coming that will also hit their Greedy Business Plan, but at that point its too late.

  17. Disney MBA’s are killing the company – that rumble you hear is Walt spinning in his grave

  18. Ed

    I used to love Disney. 38 years ago my wife and I honeymooned there, and when we moved to Florida 28 years ago we became season ticket holders. We brought our children there as often as we could. Since the pandemic we stopped our tickets. The process to try to get insucks, now you ghave to pay for fast passes, and they were closed for months but did no maintenance on the rides. There was a safe way to do this like keeping people six feet apart. Now the rides break down all the time, and they are too cheap to pay for enough EMT’s and Paramedics. Also the prices of the hotels even the ghetto ones are through the roof. I T M writers must get free tickets because they seem to always try putting whipped cream on the giant Disney poop sandwich they report on. We are not going back until they at least stop the stupid reservation system and even then just to try the new rides once.

  19. Monica

    Disney Parks and I go way back. Visited as a teen in ’78, Then as a young bride in early 80’s.. Before paper fast passes. Have seen many changes and always been loyal. My 4 kids grew up on Disney. But this… these recent changes…. are too much. They’ve pushed me and my family away. I’ve got lots of trips planned for the next few years. None of them are to a Disney Park. Universal IS one of them though! I can only hope there are enough of us “boycotting” for Disney to take notice.

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