‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Will Release in Theaters Multiple Days Early, For Some

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Spider-Man and Zendaya (MJ).

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If you are looking forward to seeing Spider-Man: No Way Home debut this December, and you are located in the U.K. — we have some fantastic news for you.

spider-man tom holland
Credit: Marvel Studios

For the last while, Kevin Feige’s MCU has been one of the most popular superhero franchises around. The Marvel fandom is massive, and with Disney onboard, content is constantly being pumped out, growing the universe exponentially. For example, on Disney+ Day, we found out that a new animated series was coming to Disney, and it would animatedly show Peter Parker’s prequel. Spider-Man: Freshman Year will soon be coming to Disney+ (among other announcements such as  X-Men ’97What If…? Season 2, EchoShe-Hulk, and Agatha: House of Harkness); the next film that Marvel fans cannot wait to see is Spider-Man: No Way Home, which stars Tom Holland at Peter Parker/Spider-Man and is set to debut on December 17.

spider-man tom holland
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony

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Now, Sony has confirmed to Digital Spy that U.K. residents will be able to see the films two days early, as it will debut on December 15 for them. With a new trailer dropping on November 16, the news of a pushed-up release date for some is massive.

Tom Holland at a desk with a character placing files down
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony

Tom Holland has arguably become the most famous Spider-Man, as he has not only starred in his standalone films but other Avenger films as well. This December, fans are chomping at the bit to find out what is going to happen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, following the success of Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). Holland has acted as Spider-Man for years, even voicing the character in shorts. We already know that in the film, we will be able to see Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), and Zendaya (MJ) joined by Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Stephen Strange), Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan), Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), and Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus) as the confirmed cast at the moment.

zendaya and tom holland spider-man 3
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony

Bringing back characters from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man films has sparked massive rumors that the Multiverse will bring back the two actors as well. That being said, if the rumors are true, none of the actors have cracked, and everyone continues to deny the possibility heavily. The two actors have been spotted attending fittings, which may not be pertaining to the film, however, and Maguire did transform into a much more athletic build while the film was shooting. Now, it seems U.K. audiences will know the truth two days before the rest of us!

Tom Holland as Spider-Man holding Captain America's shield
Credit: Marvel Studios

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The official description of Spider-Man: No Way Home reads:

For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

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