Original Jungle Cruise Frogs Return After 49 Years

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Walt Disney Jungle Cruise

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Some may say it’s been “toad-ally” worth the wait to see a vintage attraction feature return.

This week, eager-eyed Disney Guests noticed a new and “ribbet-ing” addition to the Jungle Cruise attraction in Walt Disney World. Yes, the original frogs have returned!

Jungle Cruise Boat
Credit: Disney

Twitter has been abuzz with Walt Disney World Guests noticing the return of the original frogs from the 1971 Jungle Cruise in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom.

These frogs were removed in 1972 after only one year because Imagineers felt they did not match the aesthetic of the rest of the ride.

Mike Lee reports that the frogs have returned to Jungle Cruise after a 49-year hiatus. 

Look forward to someone grabbing video for us today

The vintage frogs can be spotted on a log at the beginning of the ride, and now give a visual representation to the often heard frog croak soundtrack that remained as part of the Jungle Cruise.

The original frogs were designed by one of Walt Disney’s original artists, Marc Davis. Davis is one of  Disney’s “Nine Old Men” and is famous for his character designs of Bambi, Cinderella, Tinker Bell, and Cruella De Vil.

Here is a brief look at the original 1971 frogs in a video posted by RetroWDW on Twitter:

Blink, and you’ll miss them…Jungle Cruise Frogs from ’71

Beloved Disney Imagineer Kevin Lively discussed the project aimed at getting the frogs back on their log:

For those wondering about the Jungle Cruise frogs. They were on my wish list for years. But I could never take full credit. As with any successful project, it takes a team! They wouldn’t be here without Dave, Chris, Hannah, and everyone else. 

Maybe the frogs heard about the Princess and the Frog refurbishment of Splash Mountain and made their way back to Magic Kingdom?

Jungle Cruise recently went through some changes. Elements of the popular theme park ride were reimagined for Guests so they can enjoy a brand-new, more inclusive Jungle Cruise experience called Rivers Journey.

This refresh also features at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort in California.

Dwayne johnson as Skipper Frank in Disney's Jungle Cruise movie
Credit: Disney

The witty ride was recently turned into a movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The movie is now streaming on Disney+.

Have you spotted the vintage frogs on your Jungle Cruise? Let us know!

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