Guests Can Now Eat Frogs as a Snack at Disney World

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Although there is often something new going on at the Disney World theme parks, from a new snack or cavalcade at Magic Kingdom to a new festival at EPCOT, Disney Springs also keeps it fresh with new offerings at a lot of their food locations! 

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This summer, Disney Springs is celebrating Flavors of Florida, and it is going to last 37 days! According to Disney Parks Blog:

For 37 delicious days, our friends at Disney Springs are offering up a slice of summer flavors with inspired eats and refreshing sips during Flavors of Florida. Starting July 6 through Aug. 12, more than 30 restaurants and shops will celebrate the best of the Sunshine State.

So, this means that when you visit a dining location at Disney Springs, they more than likely have a few special items added to their menu for a limited time that represents a Florida flavor done their way. There are many fish and orange-flavored options that Guests will surely love as those are staples of Florida, but also a few oddballs that not everyone will be chomping at the bit to try.

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At Morimoto Asia, Guests can enjoy a Florida Frog Leg “Lollipop” Tempura. When hearing lollipop, most people likely think of candy and not frogs, but it seems that Disney Springs Guests are actually flocking to the location to give this dish a try. The dish is comprised of “Frog leg nuggets sweetened with an orange blossom honey glaze rolled in toasted sesame seeds and served on one-bite skewers”.

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If you tasted some frog and want to keep the tasting train going, Chef’s Art Smith’s Homecomin’ offers Tender Fried Gator Bites! Florida is home to the gator, so it makes sense that someone would try and put them on their specialty menu. The dish will include “Marinated gator lightly seasoned, and deep-fried served with house-made remoulade and hot sauce”.

If you want to check out the entire Flavors of Florida menu, click here. 

Would you eat a frog on a Disney World vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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