Paul Rudd Gushes Over Kathryn Hahn’s “Crazy Witch Cackle”

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When WandaVision premiered, no one knew what to expect. The show was the first Marvel content the world had gotten in over a year, it featured characters who (while prominent in the Avengers movies) weren’t entirely well known outside of the fan world, and it wasn’t exactly the type of tone that everyone had become accustomed to when it came to superhero films. But the show did the impossible — it not only garnered critical praise for its storytelling and cast, but it also became one of Disney+’s best series. A lot of that was due to its strong cast, particularly breakout star Kathryn Hahn who starred as nosy neighbor Agnes aka (spoiler alert!) the witch Agatha Harkness.

If you loved WandaVision and Hahn’s performance, you’re not alone. Paul Rudd was also tuning in each week along with you, and was just as impressed. During a Vanity Fair interview with Hahn, Rudd—a six-time co-star of Hahn’s—praised her by saying, “Kathryn is often not only the best person for the part, but also the best person on the set. Her personality is so joyous. With no attitude. Kathryn goes for it in everything.”

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That’s certainly true for the role of Agatha. Even as Agnes, Hahn was over-the-top in the best way and completely owning the character in a way that you don’t always see. It was clear by the final episodes, when her true alter ego was revealed, that giving it her all was just part of the job. And, Rudd summed it up perfectly with his comment about his friend:

“I mean, my God, who else could do what she did? She does that crazy witch cackle, and you buy it. You know how hard it is to do a crazy witch cackle?”

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WandaVision has not only been seriously considered for big award shows, it also gave fans a new appreciation for Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen. And of course, it set the stage for a lot of the big stories to come in the Marvel Universe, particularly when Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness premieres in 2022. Obviously, everyone is hoping that Hahn comes back for either another movie or in the MCU somehow because she’s just too good to sit on the sidelines. Plus, everyone needs a good villain…

Do you want to see Agatha Harkness and Kathryn Hahn return to the MCU?

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