Disney’s Skyliner Experiences Another Malfunction

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Both Images: Credit Screenshot via @ mfridz027 Instagram

Last September, Walt Disney World Resort debuted a brand-new mode of transportation — The Disney Skyliner. While aboard a Disney Skyliner gondola, Guests have the opportunity of traveling from their resort to one of the Disney theme parks, all while taking in beautiful views of Walt Disney World landscape.

However, ever since its official debut, it’s no secret that this mode of transportation has had its fair share of incidents. Just one month after the Skyliner opened, Guests were stuck in the sky as the mode of transportation crashed in one of the loading areas.

disney skyliner
Credit: Disney

Additionally, in April the Skyliner experienced some complications, though the reason for the pause in operations was not announced. And just last month, the Skyliner crashed once again in the loading dock at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Now, another Skyliner incident is being reported.

disney skyliner
Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C.

One Disney Guest took to Instagram to share the incident via their Stories.

Margot F. (@mfridz027) posted two videos last night showing yet another incident aboard Disney’s Skyliner. Margot stated in their story:

@thecalibae look who crashed for a hot second

disney skyliner
Screenshot via @ mfridz027 Instagram

Within the video, you can see a Disney Cast Member utilizing a tool to attempt to fix the mode of transportation as the Skyliner was not moving. At this time, we are unsure if the Skyliner actually crashed or if the doors on one of the gondolas were malfunctioning.

Screenshot via @ mfridz027 Instagram

Inside the Magic will update you as we get information surrounding the Disney Skyliner. At this time, there have been no reports of downtime this morning and so it seems as though the Skyliner is operating as normal.

More on the Disney Skyliner

Guests can board Disney’s Skyliner — a complementary mode of transportation — and glide past one-of-a-kind views of waterways, woodlands, and two Walt Disney World theme parks — Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. The Skyliner transposition is in constant motion, which means Guests arrive at their destination within minutes! Relax along the way, take in the views, and you will be there before you know it.

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