The Alibrije: Disney’s Secret Tequila Drink

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secret disney tequila drink

Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

chEARS! Here’s a drink you’ve got to try. Hidden in the La Cava del Tequila lounge in EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion, Disney’s secret tequila drink is a total experience!

Making the rounds on TikTok, the Disney cocktail is a flavorful burst (literally) of berries and tequila called the Alibrije.

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Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

Disney’s Secret Tequila Drink: The Alibrije

Named after the special spirit guide, the drink takes a while to make and is quite expensive, but worth trying at least once. The secret tequila drink at EPCOT will set you back $26, but you will get to keep the souvenir La Cava del Tequila logo plastic cup.

When you belly up to the bar and scoop up a menu, you won’t see the Alibrije on the actual menu, so simply ask for the secret tequila cocktail by name.

la cava del tequila secret tequila cocktail epcot
Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

The Alibrije cocktail is a mixture of Centinela Blanco Tequila, Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur, and Fresh Lime Juice, shaken together. But before the tequila is served in the keepsake glass with the classic Disney glow cube, the Cast Member creates a smoke bubble of mixed berry flavor on the top of the drink.

epcot drink
Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

Is that enough for the Alibrije to reveal themselves? No! The bubbled drink is then added to a Smoking Dome Cloche (a specially designed smoked hood keeping the smoke inside the glass, adding a delicious smoky flavor to your drink).

tequila secret epcot
Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

The flavor gun is then added to the top of the cloche, creating a flavor smoke environment. Traditionally, the smoking cloche adds a burned, toasted, or smoky flavor to many cocktails, including tequilas.

secret tequila drink epcot
Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

Then, the drink is served to you! Pop the flavor smoke bubble any way you like, and start sipping! The $26 cocktail is obviously expensive, but those that have ordered it say the Disney secret tequila drink experience is worth it!

secret tequila drink epcot
Credit: @travelsbymarisha TikTok

While the drink has been posted by a few tequila lovers on “DisTok,” this feature by travel agent Marisha (her handle is @travelsbymarisha on TikTok) shares the entire secret tequila cocktail creation as well as her first sip experience. Here’s the full video of the drink creation:

@travelsbymarisha@tiffany_drueppel tried this awesome drink and it made for the best video! ? #TravelsByMarisha #MarishaMMT #DisneyTravelAgent #MarvelousMouseTravels♬ Paradise – Bazzi

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Credit: Disney

On the Walt Disney World Website, this hidden lounge in the heart of the Mexico Pavilion has a description reading:

Imbibe “the essence of Mexico” with over 200 tequilas, top-shelf cocktails, Mexican beer and wine. Take off with a tequila flight or a wild passion fruit margarita. Light snacks such as guacamole and queso with corn chips are served.
The alcoholic beverages lounge is open as the World Showcase welcomes Disney Guests at 11 a.m. each day. Aside from the Secret Tequila Cocktail, you can find blood orange-inspired drinks, classic piña coladas, Oaxacan style Mexican negroni, the awesome avocado margarita, and more. Chomp on chips, salsa, and guacamole as you sip your way into Mexican flavors.
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Credit: Disney

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Are you a tequila fan? Leave us a comment about your experience inside La Cava del Tequila!

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